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Palmistry (Part 8): The marriage line continued Palmistry (Part 8): The marriage line continued
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-11-21 10:50:45
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Today we are going to talk about when a person will marry and then discuss the troubles in marriage.

palma01_400It’s not easy to forecast the exact time from the marriage line only. We have to consider the heart and life line as well.  As mentioned last week, the estimating the time that you may marry is culturally influenced. Where the marriage line originates between the heart line and base of the small finger shows a relative time of marriage which must be read according to the cultural norms of your society. For example, western people may be marrying later than Asians, and life expectancies of Westerners and Asians are different. Therefore what is important here is the relative position of the marriage line between the heart line and base of the small finger. What makes this reading even more difficult is that the demographics in Malaysia in regards to average marrying age and life expectancy is changing as well.

Consequently, if the marriage line is in the middle, then you will marry at an average age. Therefore you can make your estimate about marriage age depending upon whether the marriage line is above or below this half-way position.

Now just to complicate things, if your marriage line shows a later marriage than average, but you married early indicates you may not expect a happy married life. You must wait until the indicated age to find happiness in marriage.
Now to trouble in marriage.

Look at diagrams A and B. These line configurations indicate unhappy married life. This could occur from your spouse’s sickness, death, or accident.  If your spouse’s life line is not smooth, the risk of this is higher.
The configuration in Diagram C indicates a sudden death of a spouse. Please be careful.

The configurations of D, E, and F indicate separation though death or divorce.

Diagrams G and H indicates divorce. However if G is only a small offshoot then this may mean that one of the spouse may have a long working assignment outstation or overseas. However, this separation is not an estranged one, and for the benefit of the marriage.

In the main diagram I, this configuration indicates that external people like parents and in-laws may put stress on the marriage, which may lead to separation.

I must strongly stress here that you cannot really tell accurately your time of marriage, situations and troubles from the marriage line alone. The affairs of the heart and marriage require a reading of the fate, heart, and life line simultaneously with the marriage line. Consequently, don’t feel down if the lines on your hand resemble what I have shown you over these last two weeks.

Life is much more complex than a line.

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Rajiv Sood2014-05-12 14:18:56
You are right, Life is much more complex than a line.

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