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Palmistry (Part 7): The Marriage Line Palmistry (Part 7): The Marriage Line
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-11-11 09:41:28
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This week we are going to look at what is called the marriage line. The marriage line is physically a very small line, but extremely complex to understand.  The meanings we derive from the marriage line tend to be within your own cultural context, and matters of this line are much wider than just marriage, actually relating to passion, love, relationships, and sex, etc.

palma01_400_01The most difficult thing to read from the marriage line is actually the time within your life that you will marry. The timing of marriage relies upon the interrelationships of the marriage line with the fate and life lines, and even the shape of your hand. All three lines must be read simultaneously. We will discuss this later, as today I will focus upon fortune and love.

The average length of the marriage line is from the upper-mid left hand side of the right hand above the heart line to equal with the middle of your small finger. Such lines relate to a stable and happy marriage. Within such situations it’s up to you to make your marriage happy and satisfying. Longer marriage lines imply passion. In the extreme such people will follow their heart and no listen to the advice of others in the partners they choose. At the other extreme a very short marriage line represents fickleness. Relationships are almost always superficial and tend to be short term. It must be said here that the stronger any of the above lines, the more likelihood that the above dispositions will occur within the person.

The closer the marriage line is to the heart line, there is a strong likelihood that you may marry early in life. In contrast, the closer the marriage line is to the base of the small finger, the more likelihood that you may marry much later in life. Again as I said at the beginning of this article, the actual timing of a marriage is culturally determined, where for example westerners may marry late into their 60s, where this trend here in Asia is much rarer.

Now let’s have a quick look at six variations of the marriage line.

In diagram A where there are two parallel lines, the potential of a triangular relationship may occur. If the lower line is weak, there will be an intense likelihood of other relationships before marriage. If the above line is weak, there may be likelihood that you may be unfaithful to your partner after marriage.

In diagram B where the two lines are further apart indicates a stable relationship. However if the marriage is an early one, the relationship may end in divorce, and another marriage. If the marriage is later, the marriage may be a very stable one. This may result in a person having a good spouse, good children and few financial worries. Let me state here the number of marriage lines on your hand DOES NOT represent the number of times you will marry. There are many factors to consider here, especially the age you first marry, and this may relate to your own personal maturity at the time of marriage, amongst so many other things. Again here the strength of each line has some importance. A strong lower line means very few issues will arise during marriage, but if the upper line is strong, there could be divorce and remarriage.

In diagram C where there are three lines, such people will be passionate, affectionate, warm hearted, but find fidelity very difficult.

In diagram D where they are many crisis-crossing lines means that you have a tendency to be unfaithful. These people have little control over their passion and lust.

In diagram E where there is a merging of the two marriage lines to become one, you journey to marriage may be difficult with many challenges in the way. However once you have married your relationship should be a very happy one. This will be particularly so if the single merged line is a strong one.

In diagram E where there are many small lines protruding above the marriage line, this person will enjoy strong affection, love and also the material things of life from their marriage. However if lines protrude below the marriage line the marriage may go through very hard times and challenges.

In summary, the marriage line tells us about of interrelationship aspect of our personality. Where our marriage lines indicate potential fickleness, unfaithfulness, and infidelity, the reading our palm gives us the opportunity to become aware of our POTENTIAL shortcomings. If you believe that knowing your personal weaknesses is 50% of the cure, then the marriage line goes a long way in providing an insight into what your future relationships might be like if you don’t head the warnings your palm indicate to you.

Next week I will continue my discussion of the marriage line.

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Swami Ratan Rishi Ji Maha2013-09-10 09:25:45
In the world of astrology, Yantras play a very important role. Yantras are geometrical figures inscribed on a metal sheet or paper that work on energies pertaining to the particular God. The yantras are based on Vedic techniques and represent various mantras. There are mainly eight surfaces on which yantras can be inscribed, such as gold, silver, copper, crystal, birch, bone, paper, and Vishnu stone.

Rida2014-01-14 18:34:40
Tell me about the diagram F

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