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Enlarged and Expanded Freedoms and Opportunities Enlarged and Expanded Freedoms and Opportunities
by Leah Sellers
2012-11-10 11:48:33
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He is a Man, a democratically elected American President, who Seeks to Enlarge and Expand upon and within HimSelf, and his Country.  An Inspired Leader who has publicly admitted that earned Vote or not - that he has Listened to We the People - has Learned from We the People - and that We the People - Our Voiced Personal and Other Concerns, Realities, Suggestions, Truths and Praises have made him a better President.
President Obama Seeks to Enlarge and Expand America and Her Freedoms and Opportunities for All - for All.
When We the People Enlarge and Expand Our Freedoms We Enlarge and Expand Our Opportunities.  When We the People Enlarge and Expand Our Opportunities We Enlarge and Expand Our Freedoms.
We can no longer accomplish these things with “wide open spaces” or “untamed wildernesses”.  We have overpopulated Our beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet, Earth.  There are no more UnKnown or UnRavaged Lands (aside from local, state, provincial or national Parks, and of course, Outer Space). 
Like it or not, We All live close together nowadays.  We’re All in search of a little elbow room (oof !).  So, We must Learn and Strive to positively and constructively Enlarge and Expand OurSelves in close, and in some cases, closed quarters.
Technology takes Us to those Places and Spaces of Expansion and Enlargement.  Mindscapes of Expansion and Enlargement.  Turn on the boob-tube.  Turn on the computer.  Turn on and walk around or catch a bus or eat out with friends or family with your cell phone, your Ipod, your Ipad, your Kindle…etc.  You are immediately Expanded and Enlarged.  A Body/Mind moving around and Outeracting within one Reality while simultaneously living within and Interacting the Mindscapes of other Realities.  A Mind/Body taken to Places and Realities within closed quarters and closed Spaces of Expansion and Enlargement within Ourselves - within Our Mindscapes, Heartscapes and Soulscapes. 
Realities within Realities all within the same Time Frames.  Our Mind/Bodies can even remain couch potato or desk jockey static, while Our Mindscapes, Heartscapes and Soulscapes dynamically travel and journey to the Earth’s multitudinous wonders and civilizations and the Universal Cosmos.
Yes, the Enlarged and Expanded Will of We the American People won out this past Tuesday over the Mighty King and Queen Con Millionaires and Billionaires who pushed very hard to completely Own We the American People, and more completely Own We the American People’s democratic- republican Government and Judiciary.
Autocratic Corporatism has been held at bay for another Voting Day.  Democracy, and its Sacrament of the Single Individual’s Vote ultimately forming the Majority Collective’s Voting Will won the day.  Hurray !
President Barak Obama has 50% (possibly more) of We the American People’s Mandate to fight, struggle and haggle for:  the Middles Class, the Working Poor, the Jobless Poor, Education, students, Worker’s Rights (equal pay for an equal day’s work), Affordable Healthcare Act, Veterans, the Elderly, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Women’s Rights, Immigrants Rights, Gay Rights (Marriage Equality)…etc.
The Citizen’s United and other similar Mighty King and Queen Con Right Wing Millionaire and Billionaire-bought-and-sold-vehicles made a bad InVestment.  They gambled and the rigged House-of-Cards crumbled and lost.  But We the People should remain ever vigilant, because They are not finished Playing their insidious little Games of Corporate Empire entrapment and enslavement.
However, let We the People Rejoice !  No Right Wing Voter oppression or suppression could stop the Will of We the American People.  No King or Queen Con Millionaires or Billionaires, and their cronies and cohorts, were allowed to Buy and Sell Out the Democratic Republic of America from We the American People (as of yet). 
The Voice of We the People was louder, Freer, more Just, more Fair, more Expansive, more Enlarged and more Impassioned than the Sound and Fury of Ching !  Ching !  Money !
It’s Time for We the People to take up all of Our little Technological Tools and Toys of Communication, Outeraction and Interaction Mindscape Enlargers and Expanders, and Tweet, Twitter, Cheep, Beep, Blip, Blitz, Google, Bogle, Togle, and Pictal out our genuine sigh of relief and shouts of Hope filled Dreamscapes and longed for Future Realities.  It’s Time to Hope and Dream Forward - leaving what no longer Works for and Betters the Many behind !

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Khan2012-11-10 14:47:29
Very well summed up the elation that 'WE' deserved. One would hope when election fever settles down, 'WE' shall stay worthy of central focus and not moved to a long list of 'WE' forgotten.You have the reason to celebrate, Leah Sellers! on and on...

Emanuel Paparella2012-11-10 15:15:30
Indeed Leah, Lincoln knew better than Romney about the people: “you can fool some of the people all the times, and you can fool all the people some of the times, but you cannot fool all the people all the times,” at least not in a democracy.

In more stark terms we the people, presented with a choice between a president endowed with values and principles, as demonstrated in the last four years, an authentic human being, and a corporate ambitious empty suit who wished at all costs, even at the cost of the sacrifice of the truth and one's humanity, to be our CEO while showing utter disdain for at least 47% of us the people, probably more like 98%, we the people confronted with such a stark and momentous choice, chose wisely. How wisely we chose was revealed the very next day after the election when our legitimate president went to Chicago to thank his campaign volunteers and was not in the least shy to reveal his humanity by shedding tears of gratitude and compassion.

Murray Hunter2012-11-11 06:49:56
Once again Leah very nicely put.

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