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Palmistry (Part 6): The Life Line Palmistry (Part 6): The Life Line
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-10-23 09:18:57
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palm01_400_04This week we will discuss the life line. The life line is one of the most important in palmistry (and most popular) which provides some indication about life and health, particularly our constitution, conditions of health, sickness, and propensity for any accidents, etc. The life line also concerns our life path, which I will discuss next week.

The line on the drawing labeled (A) represents the average life line that one may see on a palm. People with this average line would tend to be both physically and mentally balanced. Where the life line starts above the average line (B) these people would tend to be brave and very decisive in the decisions they make. They tend to have a very positive outlook towards taking on challenges. They may also be physically as well as mentally strong. However on the negative side they may tend to be argumentative with others. If the index finger is well developed in conjunction with this life line, these people will be highly ambitious. This can be either positive or negative. One must be ambitious to succeed, however when one becomes over ambitious, he or she may be reckless and have little concern about others on their way up. When the index finger is not well developed, the opposite may be the case.

Where the life line starts lower than the average life line (C) these people have hopes and aspirations of being better than others but lack the spirit and motivation to do so. If the line thin or weak these people may tend to lack vitality, and will find it very difficult to reach their personal goals and aspirations.

In some rare cases the line may start higher towards the index finger (D). Here these people are very highly ambitious with strong spirit and stamina. They are motivated through their own self actualization rather than external rewards.

The rounding of the life line curve is also very important. If the curve is well rounded, these people will tend to be extroverts. This disposition may be the foundation of their sociability and/or aggressiveness. Generally these people have strong stamina and based on that, their life is longer. A well rounded curve symbolizes energy.

Where the rounding of the life line is flatter, these people may tend to be introverted. They may have a weaker constitution and general lack of energy. Their will may also be lacking which indicates that they may be risk averse and will not look for opportunities to advance themselves. As a consequence through not taking these risks in life, they will tend to lack the success that those that take risks may be able to achieve. There is some evidence through my practice that people with shallow lines tend to be less sensitive to the things around them than others. In addition these people may also have more difficulty in handling stress, which could be considered something like a Type A personality. In males this could be the source of their lack of general empathy and in females this could be the source of problems with their sensual satisfaction.

Most life lines start thick and slowly become narrower along the hand. This is a normal line. Where the line suddenly stops half way along the palm, those people are usually healthy during their life but may have a sudden death due to a heart attack or stroke, etc. Where the line is very thin, these people tend to have a low vitality, but are usually aware of this and look after their health. So ironically people with a weak line may actually live longer than those with a much thicker line.

It is very important when looking at the life line to compare both left and right hands. This is because the left hand shows a genetic disposition of a person and the right hand comes from your environment and lifestyle.  For example, if the life line is genetically short on the left and right line is longer, you can overcome this through looking after your health.

Again, as I have been saying during this series on palmistry, being aware of your disposition is half way to change. If you are stressed and insensitive and that affects your enjoyment of life, the lines on your palm can act as a doorway to finding the source of your personal issues that you may want to face. Palmistry is powerful in that it provides you with the knowledge that you may need to change.


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