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The InVestment of We the People The InVestment of We the People
by Leah Sellers
2012-10-21 10:29:25
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Alright Already !  For All of you that want to Focus on only Economics - on Business.  Let’s do it.
For instance, let’s See America as a Mega-Business.  Let’s See Taxpayers and American Workers (even those too poor to pay Taxes, but who have Work Equity and Sweat in the overall American Economic Game) as Investors.

Then would you only want to Invest in one or two Industries - the Service and Information Industries ?  Or would you prefer to Diversify ?
Of course, it’s Economics 101, Diversification is Best.
Then why did We the People’s National Leaders and Mega Corporations, and Mega Banks Dis-Mantle America’s Manufacturing Industries over the past 30 or 40 years and send them overseas ?  Over there, Oh beware, ‘Cause the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming…… Yikes !
Oh, they were more interested in their own selfish interests and profits than in America’s best Interest and Profits.  Ohhhhhhh…..
Of course, when you can get cheap, Slave Labor in other countries who don’t have Labor Unions or Fair and Enforced Labor Practices and Laws that demand Fair Pay for a Fair Day’s (or Night’s) Work or pesky Environmental Protection Laws to maintain clean water, air and land for EveryOne Nationally.  And you’re only Interested in Making (due to the hard Work of your Employees day and night) Your-Self  Mega-Profitable, and a Mighty King (or Queen) Con Chest (or Breast) Thumper - Why not ?
Sure, you can espouse Patriotism and you are - only not toward America.  You’re patriotic toward the Business and Territorial Empire you’re creating for Yourself - your cohorts - your cronies - your willing servants and slaves.
Raise your selfish self-serving Chest (or Breast) Thumping Personal Territorial Empire Flags high !  Heil !  Heil !  Heil !
Face it Folks !  National Leaders (some, not all), Mega-Corporations (some, but not all), and Mega-Banks (most, but perhaps not all) don’t care about America or any other Country or Nation for that matter.  They are too busy building and caring for their own Economic and Territorial Empires, amassing more and more Moolah, Power and Property (organic and un-organic, human and non-human) for their own Aggrandizement and Vain Glory.  That’s it.  Period.
America’s 99%ers Need to Wake Up !
Those who can Need to Invest their Tax dollars and or their Work Equity into America’s Infrastructure, Educational Systems, Research and Development Programs, and Building the new small businesses and new Mega-Businesses for the Future Together as a Nation of Investors - American Investors.  All for One and One for All !
The Global 1%ers have already stolen and Re-Distributed our American and Global Wealth (ching ! Ching !) into their voluminous coffers.
The Global 1%ers have left the 99%ers behind to pick OurSelves up from the dirt and dust they helped to push us face down into.  So, We the People Need to band Together and Walk Away from them, and Start Afresh - Begin Anew with Our own Ingenious, Innovations, EnVisionings and New Businesses.  That’s what We the People Need to Invest in.  OurSelves as Americans - Individually and Collectively.
Unfortunately, Mitt Romney won’t do these things for the American 99%ers.  Look at his record and his actions.  He’s an Ambitious, Self-Serving Opportunist and Dis-missive Bully.  He’s a Vulture Capitalist CEO
Out-Sourcer and Profiteer.
Mr. Romney is about Taking Profits - not Making Jobs.  He is a Job Killer, and moves Companies toward Slave Wage Workers overseas in order to Make Profits for Himself - his Cronies - his Cohorts.
How does that help Americans or America ?
How are his Record and Actions Patriotic toward any American or anything other than his own King Con Kingdom and Economic Territorial Empire ?
We the People Need to also Focus upon Freeing OurSelves from the In-Equalities inherent within: taking away a Woman’s Right to Choose what happens to her Body and her Life’s Future (by allowing the Republicans to repeal Roe vs. Wade, Dis-Mantle Planned Parenthood, and repeal the Lily Ledbetter Act etc…), Dis-crimination against any Race, any Sex or any Life Style, Social Dis-Enfranchisement due to Health issues because of pre-existing conditions or an inability to afford medical or therapeutic services priced way beyond almost Any and EveryOne’s economic means, Corporations’ Bosses telling, strongly suggesting or ordering their Employees to vote Republican or suffer the consequences of possible down-sizings, firings (pink-slippings), or closings, Manipulation or Elimination of Voters Rights to benefit the Republican Party in many states,  Romney and the Republicans rabid attack and repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and planned privatized and deliberate decimation of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, etc….
President Obama appears to Understand and Grasp what Needs to be done for America as a Whole.  He appears to be Awakened.
The National and Global 1%ers (many, but not all) intend to take over the Global Economies and convert them all into Feudalistic Economic Territories run by themselves, their cronies, their cohorts, their willing Servants and Slaves.
Mr. Romney and the 1%ers want to be able to pay everyone Globally Slave Wages, and have them work Slave hours, and Live Slavish Lives so that he, and his 1%er cronies and cohorts can Profit off the Circumstances their machinations have manipulated America and the World toward.
He, and his cohorts and cronies, do not Feel the Middle Class’, Working Poor’s or Jobless Poor’s Pain.  In fact, Romney, and his 1%er cronies and cohorts, intend to create even more Pain for the 99%ers Nationally and Globally through Austerity.  Austerity on the 99%ers which they deem is necessary to Stabilize the Global Economies that they De-Stabilized in the first place with all of their foolishness in order to Make and Take even more Profit.
All of this for what - more Moolah - more Power - more Territory - bigger Territorial Economic Empires ?  Thump !  Thump !  Whump !
This is a very important Time in Modern History.  Please, Wake Up and Pay Attention, Everyone ! Let’s Get Down to America’s Business - to the World’s Business !
Romney, the Republicans, the Neo-Cons and Right-Wing Radicals, in particular, continue the mantra that “government doesn’t create jobs”.  We the People have to listen to this droning mantra from the very Romney, Republicans, Neo-Cons and Right-Wing Radicals who already Work for the Government, want to Work for the government (as president, as a senator, as a representative, as a chief-soup-kitchen-cook-and-pan-washer etc…) or who already Have or want to receive Government subsidies for their own Businesses, Mega-Corporations or Mega-Corporations Holdings and private militias.
Maybe they’re Right or maybe they’re Wrong, but Government, as they already know (and want to keep a well hidden secret), does  Create Opportunities for EveryOne of We the People to get OurSelves out of poverty or difficulty by Developing and Working to Build Our own small businesses and Growing those small businesses (manufacturing included) into even larger (expanding from the Middle up and out) Entities.
Together, We the People, can Work OurSelves out of the Economic and Social Trap and push ‘n shove into diminishing and oppressive Slavery the 1%ers have created and are presently Energetically and Systematically herding All of We 99%ers toward, and eventually into.
Wake up Folks !  Wake up !  The 1%er Dark Ages are approaching at an ever quickening pace.  They’re trying to sneak up from behind We the People to smother and Oppressively En-Slave us All !
It’s time for the 99%ers to Occupy Hearts, Minds and Souls Together and allow Our Inner Energetic Lights to Arise and Shine Us into a Brighter New Age of True Liberty, True Opportunities, True Justice and a Truly Fair Playing Field for All !
We the People must try to strive to Choose to Invest in one another.  We the People are the Investment as well as the Investors.  There is Great Power in that very simple, complex Realization.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-10-21 11:54:20
Indeed Leah, we have had two "business presidents" in our history: one was Herbert Hoover who gave us the Great Depression, and the other was George Bush who gave us the Great Recession from which we are still trying to get out. Now we have wanna be Mitt Romny afflicted by Romnesia. These people do not want to be our president but our boss and CEO and want to push us around and redistribute the wealth upwards. Let's enough that enough of the 99% wake up to the realization that a point is reached that the only thing one will lose is one's chains, to paraphrase that other indignant economic reformer Karl Marx.

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