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Our Conscious/Unconscious Contributions to Redistribution's Retributions Our Conscious/Unconscious Contributions to Redistribution's Retributions
by Leah Sellers
2012-09-28 08:31:59
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Trickle-Down Economics is a Ponzi Scheme.
Ask anyone who has ever misguidedly gotten in on a multi-level business Pyramid Scheme.  Trickle-Down Economics is just a soft-peddled Elitist scam.  A Trickle-Down-Up-All (but the Elitist Few)-Fall-Down-Pyramid Scheme.

The folks who start the Trickle-Down-Up-All (but the Elitist Few)-Fall-Down Pyramid Scheme are merely raking up, and raking in, the profits and hard work of Everyone else (Sheeple, that We the People have chosen to Be) on the bottom rungs of the lofty, Rope-a-Dope Ladder to delusional success.  The Ones at the Top of the Pyramid, Trickle-Down-Up-All (but the Elitist Few)-Fall-Down-Scheme greedily, and whole-heartedly, devour all of the enthusiastically earned profits from the wide-eyed Suckers they drew into the Scheme (and all of the other Suckers those indoctrinated wide-eyed Suckers drew into the Scheme, and so on and so on…).  And when the Mathematical algorithms and tricky accounting theories and applications or the Product finally implode upon themselves and explode into the Economic Conditions of Suckerville, and eventually scorch the streets and country sides of Sucker Land, Dollars-and-Cents (Sense) Mayhem ensues.
Housing Bubbles Pop, multitudes of Jobs are lost throughout Sucker Land,
Wall Street, the Global Banks and Corporations are bailed-out, while The Middle Class and Working Poor are done-in, and Suckered all over again.
Private Enterprise, when owned by and manipulated by the Ultra-Rich Puppet Masters and Mistresses (The Few, The 1% to 2%) always digresses into Economic, Social and Cultural Feudalism.  The Few are the Kings and Queens who divide up the spoils of We the People’s labors and contributions.  They buy and create their own militaries and mercenary Knights and Squires.  They buy up all of the Planet’s territories, because it is very important to them (for a variety of Reasons and UnReasonings) to Own and Control Everything and Everyone.
They disguise their Schemes, base desires and wants (that have been converted into Needs) as Entrepreneurship and Individualism, but those two worthy Values and Goals are really only meant for Them - the Global Elitists and Global Corporatists.  Everyone else (except perhaps, their cronies, bought-off politicians, lawyers, lobbyists and judiciaries) involved in their Statewide, National and Global pursuit of Self Actualizing Entrepreneurship, Individualism and Private Enterprise are merely lowly vehicular Vassals and (Not-So-Free) Free Market Place Pawns to be Mis-Used and Abused, and left behind in the dust of Their illustrious free-wheeling and dealing heels as They arrogantly and carelessly walk away with all of the Re-Dis-tributed Wealth of The Many.
Trickle-Down-Up-All(but the Elitist Few)-Fall-Down Pyramid Schemes are poisonous plutocratic Oligarchy Malarkey poured down the open gullets of an unsuspecting and cynically trusting Global Populace because We the Many of We the People are Consciously UnConscious of the State, National and Global sticky web-like Patterns winding their entrapping strands around Us All.
Spiders do not listen to the pleas of entrapped Flies.
These are Ancient Schemes and Themes.  There’s nothing new here.  The only thing that is new, is that due to the wonders of technology We the Peoples of the World are Talking to One another.  We’re Communicating and Informing one another about a vast variety of topics, subjects and concerns.
This Worldwide Communication is stimulating and creating Conversations of Awakening, and primarily Peaceful, Reasonable and well Reasoned Change.  Change which leads toward a higher Evolutionary Revolution of Noble and Higher Standards and Ideals which Benefit Everyone and the Planet.
We the People can BeCome the Healers of the World.  Poverty is a Planetary dis-ease that can be Cured.  No one should live in Poverty.  Starvation is a Planetary dis-ease.  No one should starve to death.  Illnesses and Maladies are Planetary dis-eases.  No one should be left to linger in the Pain and the Hopelessness of Illness and Malady.  And the list goes on.
Careless, arrogant, malevolent Greed and Sloth are dis-eases.  No one should linger in Poverty, Pain, Illness or Starvation due to the inherent obscenities of dis-easing Greed and Sloth.
When The Many are Nurtured, Sustained and Prosper, The Few are Nurtured, Sustained and Prosper.  We must Seek to Balance the Energies existing betwixt-and-between The Many and The Few. 
We are all in This Moment of Time and Planetary Spatial Placement Together.  If The Many fail, and fall into servitude to The Few, The Many will always eventually rise in Revolution seeking Justice and Fairness for All against the oppressive Forces and Behaviors of The Few.
These persistent and insistent individual and cultural behavioral contributions and retributions toward the destructive inequitable Energies within these see-saw, childish Games of Re-Dis-tribution are maddeningly Non-Sensical. 
It is an Ancient Cycle.  When will We the People finally Choose to outGrow its fatalistic push and pull ?

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