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Palmistry (Part 5) : Personality Palmistry (Part 5) : Personality
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-09-26 12:50:58
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This week we will look at what we can find out about our personality from the heart line. The heart line is the major indicator of our personality within palmistry. The heart line also indicates love, affection, and care, etc., in our lives, as well as health issues, which I will discuss another time.

palm01_400_03The heart line is particularly fascinating because it influences our emotions and occupation which we discussed last week as well. This is why a professional palm reader will not look at a single line to make any conclusion about a person’s state or destiny.  For example if your life line is short, DON’T PANIC, the heart and wisdom lines also influence the reading of your life line.

The heart line indicates a number of personality typologies.

Starting off our discussion from the standard heart line (A), where the heart line is positioned above or below the standard line has implications about personality. Where a person’s heart line exists above the standard heart line shown in the diagram, this person is likely to be an emotionally orientated person. Consequently these people may easily get bored, quickly lose their temper, and stereotype what they see.

Where a person’s heart line is below the standard heart line on the diagram, these people tend to think coolly and rationally, without much emotion, and in some cases are calculative in their relations with others.

If the heart line is short and not prominent on the hand a person may be generally cold towards others. This often leads to much self misunderstanding where they themselves see themselves as soft, whereas others see them as cold. Generally speaking the longer the heart line, the warmer a person’s disposition may be.  

Where the heart line runs across the whole hand, these people will be very affectionate. However, this has a downside where the person may develop high expectations of others, be demanding, and become very jealous. They may have a domineering personality.

Where the heart line is long and curves upward above the standard line to the base of the index finger, these people become very dedicated towards their partners and the ones they love. Generally speaking the longer the line the more they expect reciprocal attention and love from their partners and loved ones. However people with shorter lines will tend to give their love and affection to others without reciprocal expectations.

Where the heart line reaches the base of the index line (B), these people are idealistically affectionate to others. These people rarely tend to get jealous and are more easily able to manage their emotions. These people are compassionate and care about causes in the world larger than themselves.

Where the heart line breaks out into a folk around point (B), these people are straight forward and very empathetic towards others. They will tend to be kind and compassionate towards others and carry on sincere relationships. However these people may very easily become depressed due to their sympathetic disposition towards others.

Where the heart line ends between the index and middle finger, these people tend to be very realistic and stable. They can see above their emotions and act ethically. However females tend to be very definitive about their likes and dislikes about people and things.

Where the heart line splits up towards the middle and index fingers (C), these people tend to be richly affectionate. These people are usually popular with others and have a very positive aura. These people are also happy and content around others.

Where the heart line is short and ends around the bottom of the middle finger, these people are usually very cold and Machiavellian.  Their actions don’t show their intentions, and they can be very manipulative.

Where the heart line is even shorter than the previous description, these people tend to live on the basic principle in life is that ‘the end justifies the needs” and in the extreme are narcissistic individuals. They are compulsive, chauvinistic, and seek power over others. Many people with this disposition may have sexual, drinking, or gambling problems.

Where the heart line runs along the hand towards and curves in a downward direction at the end, these people are very easily influenced by others and may tend to forget themselves when doing something to help them. These people also tend to be gullible to people’s stories. Generally these people have weak characters.

Where the heart line is attached to the wisdom line, these people are over sensitive. In the extreme they can become very depressive and even suicidal.

Where the heart line slops down the hand, these people tend to be introvert and passive. They tend to hold their feelings to themselves and often find it very difficult to express their feelings.

Finally, where people have two heart lines they will tend to be controlled by their libido. These people are extremely social and can be very successful through their networking. 

The heart line is an extremely powerful line in palmistry that can indicate a person’s personality, and as such may provide a key to their behaviour. Remember again, the lines in our hand are not rigid and therefore the awareness of self the heart line can provide us, may itself assist one to change.


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