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Dust Devils and Tipping Cows Dust Devils and Tipping Cows
by Leah Sellers
2012-09-25 11:11:56
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Cheyenne is a Dust Devil Chaser.  Her Cousin Fred is a Cow Tipper.
When hiking out in Nature, and especially on windy, hot and dry Texas summer days, Cheyenne always has her Eye out for the beginnings of a possible whirling and twirling Dust Devil.

Whether alone or with a group of friends, Cheyenne relishes trying to figure out the direction the mini-twister, Dust Devil, is going to take, and struggles to insert herself right into the middle of it.
Arms outstretched, squinching her eyes almost shut so that she can visually take note of the Awe-Inspiring Work of Nature cyclically gusting and buffeting against her without damaging her eyes with its myriad of churning particles and debris, and whooping with joy, Cheyenne revels in, and tries to memorize and scrutinize with her Mind, Heart and Body, every nano-second of the breathtaking spontaneous event.
As soon as possible, Cheyenne will enthusiastically pick up pen and paper and Record as accurately as possible everything she experienced within the Eye of the Dust Devil, because she believes that all Knowledge is to be explored and analyzed, but most importantly Shared.
Cheyenne’s Cousin Fred is an Adventurous Soul as well, but his leanings are a bit more mischievously oriented.
After a night out with the boys, putting down a few Shiner Bocks, Fred and his pals (if there is no promising Dance, Football Game or Rodeo taking place in the county) will finally agree to noisily sneak onto a local ranch (any ranch will do) in order to locate a herd of peacefully sleeping cows.
Then, full of Shiner Bock and their own Trickster-Sense of themselves, and determined to have an intoxicatingly ’good time’, the boys will choose a cow to tip over.
Some cows passively allow this feat of brutish horse (cow)-play to awkwardly take place and victimize them with some modicum of Cow-Tipping success and hilarity in the shiny, red Eyes of the Merry Cow Tippers.
Unfortunately, the cows are seemingly hardly ever amused by the Merry Cow Tippers antics, and when fully awakened will struggle back up onto their trusty hooves and briskly sidle off to greener, and Merry-Cow-Tipper- Free, pastures.
However, sometimes the Merry Cow Tippers run into a Feisty Cow.  Then it is the Merry Cow Tippers who find themselves in a stumbling, frantic run speeding back with wide-open eyes and wide-open mouths to the safety of their trusty automobile (usually an old pick-up truck), to prevent getting run over like a freight train by the Enraged (and at times well-horned) Bovine.
Afterwards, the Merry Cow Tippers, whether successful or not, knock down a few more brewskies, and whacking one another on the backs in convivial camaraderie brag and exaggerate the evenings Adventure with the Oral Traditions of Storytelling and Tall Tales until sunrise.
Yep, Cheyenne is a Dust Devil Chaser, and her Cousin Fred is a Cow Tipper.
Both are Adventurous Souls.  Both are Recorders of Experiential Events of Life, Nature and Science.
Which kind of Adventurous Soul are you ?  A Dust Devil Chaser or a Cow Tipper ?

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