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Palmistry (Part 4): Looking at Occupation Palmistry (Part 4): Looking at Occupation
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-09-18 08:25:38
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palm01_400_01This week let’s look at how the palm can indicate to us what type of occupations may be most suitable for us. Our abilities and skills should be carefully matched as closely as possible to our job needs. The closer our skills and job needs are matched, the higher the probability that we will have success in our career. If your skills don’t match your job requirements, then any amount of hard work is not likely to lead to success than if your skills matched. This wisdom line on our hand is one of the ways can help us see if our skills match potential job and occupations we are considering.

The standard wisdom line (A) starts at right hand side of our palm running along the middle until about equal to the middle of our ring finger (B). This represents the average person who can harmonize themselves to a general working environment. If the wisdom line is longer than average (C), this tends to indicate that a person is very careful with what they do. If the wisdom line is shorter than average (D) this means that a person tends to be motivated by material rather than spiritual things, and thus tend to be very realistic about prospects. These people may also tend to act on whims, rather than making careful consideration about issues. This can be a strength or weakness. Acting without careful thinking may be very important in an entrepreneurial venture where quick decisions need to be made. However rash decisions could also be unwise decisions, if they are reckless.

If the wisdom line runs almost the total length of the hand (E), those people have better aptitude towards science based occupation like engineering, chemistry, medicine, computing, and architecture, etc. However if the wisdom line curves down like (F), those people may be best suited to occupations based on social science like law, psychology, counseling, or journalism, etc. The steeper the curve the more creative and intuitive these people may tend to be. They could be a creative writer, musician, media producer, or artist, etc.

If the wisdom line starts just above the life line (G), these people will tend to be independent and self motivated, perhaps suited entrepreneurs. If the wisdom line starts below the life line (H), these people may tend to be more anxious about things. In addition the line intersection may also mean that these people may be introverts and prefer jobs that don’t come in contact with the general public like a clerk in the back office. In the opposite situation where the wisdom line starts a long way away from the life line, these people are quick decision makers. These people would make good currency, equity and commodity traders, where speculation is required. Finally where the wisdom and life lines are very far apart (I), these are usually very active people. However they may tend to seek power over others and control people. These people are ambitious and usually end up becomes leaders to the organizations they for within. Such occupation would be a company CEO, bureaucrat, or politician.

Generally speaking our lines may actually change over time according to our occupation. People who work in simple clear cut occupations will have a hand with very clear lines, e.g., shop assistant, labour, housemaid, etc. Those with very stressful jobs requiring complex decision making and stress will have very many small lines in the background.

In conclusion, the lines associated with your wisdom line will indicate what you are suited for today, but remember you can always grow into a job, learn and develop your skills as you go along. If after adapting to a new job, you may even notice that the lines on your hand have changed to reflect what you are doing now. The lines on your hand to some extant are adaptive to who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.


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Eva2012-09-18 11:15:28
Very interesting!

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