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Howling at a Blood Red Moon Howling at a Blood Red Moon
by Leah Sellers
2012-09-20 09:31:19
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Careful, Mr. Romney.  You are Howling at a volatile Blood Red Moon, sir.
While President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are Thoughtfully viewing the same Moon through a Telescope of Measured Reasonings.  Observing the Moon’s wanings and waxings, and how those Movements effect/affect the Earth’s Oceanic rising and ebbing Societal Tides.

Sabres Rattle! Fangs slash and tear at Flesh and Bone.
Missiles explode! Uneaten fried rice flies for miles from burned out smouldering restaurants and interrupted homes. Only fragmented Ghost Towns remain. Faint Echoes of What Was - of What Might Have Been.
Missile exercises of one kind or another take place day after in one Nation after another, like blood-rabid Wolves lost in their purely instinctual and primitive territorial urination rituals. Humans (immature, unenlightened Humans who have chosen the mantle of Leadership for themselves) behaving as bloodthirsty Wolves. Does that make them Were-Wolves? Beastly Men? Manly Beasts?
One Were-Wolf growls at another, "I can urinate further than you can, cover more territory than you can, and claim more territory than you can! I can even lift my leg up higher than you can and for a longer period of time - grrrr!" And the urination rituals begin. The Missiles fly and in the end the blood-rabid Were-Wolves cower (bravely) underground to save themselves for a better day while within the Nations (the Were-Wolves swore to honor, nurture, sustain and protect) the People perish.
Were-Wolves - Man-Beasts, marching onward and Intentionally into the Sands of Oblivion! Hiding behind Masques of High Minded Political, Economic, Technological, Legal, Medical or Religious rhetoric, platitudes, excuses and symbols for Aggression and War. There are reasons for the ancient, multicultural archetypes of Were-Wolves. They have lessons to teach us All.
Were-Wolves, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, reveal to Us the Individual and Social importance of Facing our Inner Demons (Our destructive Tasmanian Devils), not Hiding from them. But really Knowing them, Challenging them, Not Fearing or Hating them, Getting to Know their Strengths and Weaknesses, Transforming the parts of them that we can, Gaining Self Control of them, Making them Work for us (instead of against Us) and Others in Positive ways. Because if we can do it for Ourselves We can maintain that same Positive and Creative Equilibrium within Society, and that is what our Society will become.
Why do Human Beings continue playing these Primitive, Ritualistic, Regressive Games with all of these very expensive and deadly Toys?! Why can’t We Grow beyond them?! Why do we continue to need Were-Wolves?!
Our Global War Games, which could All Implode/Explode into Nuclear Fusion Black Holes of "Never More", Make No Sense. Not even to the Mad Hatter. They are not Logical.
Woe to the Territories (Nations) with Were-Wolves with short fuses or interrupted urination patterns. Nuclear holocausts can be so Unexpected - so Unpredictable.
Fortunately, We have been given the Gift of Language! The Gift of Thoughtful Discourse and Communication! The Gift of Optimistic Imagination! What Will Be! What Can Be!
There’s even Hope for bloodthirsty Were-Wolves. There’s nothing more hauntingly beautiful than listening to a Free Wild Wolf Howl beneath a bright Full Moon - hearing his pack join their harmonies to his single lingering note. Unless, of course, it’s listening to Luciano Pavorati's glorious Voice sing "Ave Maria", while being quietly, but majestically, accompanied by a superb chorale and orchestra during a brilliant Sunrise. Both can bring Tears to the Eyes. Both can cause the Soul to Rise! The Potential for Greatness and Beauty exists in All Things, in All Moments and All Places in Time!

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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-20 16:02:25
Indeed Leah. The latest howling at the red moon on the part of Mitt Romney and his tea party crazies concerns “distribution of wealth” and “class warfare” implying of course that our president, besides being a secret Moslem born somewhere in Kenya illegitimately occupying the White House, is also a card carrying Communist. This makes us look pathetic in the eyes of the rest of the civilized world, especially when one thinks that the “distribution of wealth” issue is also supported by Romney’s vice-presidential pick Paul Ryan, the “good Catholic” who has read all the works of Ayn Rand but apparently has never heard of “distributive justice,” a central concept of the Catholic tradition linked to the concepts of human dignity, the common good, and inalienable human rights.

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