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This Tear Of... This Tear Of...
by Leah Sellers
2012-09-06 11:08:12
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The two days of rousing speeches, personalities, political policies and Ideologies, emotional positive Energies, and excellent productions displayed within the 2012 Democratic Convention held in North Carolina thus far this week has evoked many strong and passionate responses from me (and others) throughout these two evenings. And has made this American Citizen rev-up with renewed vigor and Faith in America and We the People of America and the World.
This Tear Of……
This Tear rolling away from the Orb of my Eye
Holds another Orb of Imaginings
The blue-green gemstone - Planet Earth
I Am a Land-Child, a Water-Child of the Earth
The spinning Orb within This Tear rotates
Revealing North America -
The United States of America -
My HomeLand
I Am an Air-Child, a Fire-Child of America
Of the Planet Earth
This Tear - an undulating current of Emotion -
Of the Heart and Mind
Manifested within This Physical Being
Is an Expression of Joy -
Of Pride -
Of Hopeful and Inclusive Patriotism
And Present and Future EnVisionings
American Hopeful and Inclusive Present and Future EnVisionings
Planetary Hopeful and Inclusive Present and Future EnVisionings
This Tear of the Salt of the Earth
And Oceanic Living Voices Singing
In resonant and dissonant Harmonies
Throughout the Knowable Events and Patterns -
The Seductive Mysteries of Time and Space
Is Mine -
Is Ours -
Singularities United
A Tear of Joy -
Of Pride -
Of Hopeful and Inclusive Patriotism
Manifesting brilliant Present and Future
Nurturing and Sustaining
National and Planetary EnVisionings
This Tear Of.....

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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-06 13:10:17
Indeed Leah, last night at the DNC we had a refreshing dose of truth and frank talk. I especially liked the comments of sister Campbell which impugned the social principles of the “good Catholic” Paul Ryan. As former president Bill Clinton put it: it is simple, we Democrats were left with a big economic mess, now we are being accused of not cleaning it up fast enough and we are being told that we should be fired and that those who created the mess in the first place should be re-hired. Bizarre!

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