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Caption of the month Caption of the month
by The Ovi Team
2012-09-02 07:18:52
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It seems that earth takes her turn over humanity with all things we have done to her! And hurricanes are just one of those turns. Just look at this photo and write a caption/speech/bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.






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Emanuel Paparella2012-09-02 09:45:38
Mitt Romney at the RNC a few days ago: he [President Obama] has promised to help lowering the level of the ocean, I promise to help you and your families.

Dr. Paparella to his students of philosophy the day after: and what good is it to have jobs and prosperity and drive around in a Cadillac if the ice cup keeps on melting and we all find ourselves under six feet of water, Cadillac and all?

At the end of the lesson and debate on the issue of our precarious survival as a species, a doubt had been planted about so called “homo sapiens”: perhaps ignoring science and knowledge and substituting it with political expediency and lies, greed and ignorance, is not such a brilliant idea after all; for it seems to lead directly to certain inevitable consequences.

Indeed, this is our existential dread: that our destiny may be on the line and the blind are leading the blind, and we are confronted with a choice: respect nature and live in harmony with it or perish as a species, there is no other alternative to that choice. It is not a matter of opinion but a scientific fact.

On the ethical level, one can be forgiven by Mother Nature but one cannot at the same time remain unrepentant.

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