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Un-Chained Melodies of Dissonance Un-Chained Melodies of Dissonance
by Leah Sellers
2012-08-19 11:47:07
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“Outrageous !”  Say the Romney-Ryan Group.  “Outrageous !"  For Vice-President Joe Biden to use the metaphor of being “Chained” (regarding Wall Street’s being Un-Chained/Un-Shackled by the Romney-Ryan group to do even more Un-Regulated, Un-Ethical, short-sighted avaricious harm to the World’s Economy as a whole) in front of a crowd of avid Obama supporters this past week during a stump speech.
Why ?  Many in the crowd were Black.
Outrageous !  To Speak of Chaining or Un-Chaining or EnSlaving Native American Indians and having White Europeans and the Buffalo Soldiers drive them like cattle - like Sheeple into concentration camps called Reservations.
Wonder if any of those folks had any Reservations about Reserving Reservations for those being Reserved within the Reservations ?
Outrageous !  To Speak of Chaining, Un-Chaining or EnSlaving the Irish, the Scots, the Celts, the Picts, while invading their Homelands with Roman swords and garrisons, and later on down History’s Rocky Road British guns and bayonets.
Outrageous !  To Speak of Chaiing or Un-Chaining or EnSlaving the Jews as they were pushed and shoved from one changing territory to another by the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Europeans, the Russians, the Middle Easterners, etc… Only to have the Jews take up that same Cultural Shadow Self and displace the Palestinians Chaining and EnSlaving them (and themselves) to refugee camps and refugee status (Officially and un-officially).
Who can blame the Jews and Palestinians for wanting a Homeland of their own - a Safe Haven - a Promised Land ?  Most Human Beings long for those places and spaces in varying Ways, and for varying Reasons.  However, now, Un-Fortunately They are All Slaves to one another’s Wants and Needs - Fears and Demands.  They will have to Work Together to Un-Chain themselves - to Let ThemSelves Go - to Free ThemSelves from their past/present untenable situation of underlying Cultural Angst and creeping debilitation.  Hopefully and Preferably, for the Whole World's sake, without Choosing to Go to War.
Outrageous !  To Speak of the Europeans and Africans Chaining and Un-Chaining and EnSlaving and Un-EnSlaving Black Men, Women and Children while putting Gold (and thirty pieces of silver) in their pockets for Goods Sold.
Outrageous !  To Speak of Chaining and Un-Chaining and EnSlaving young poor and underprivileged Girls and Boys to the Sex/Drugs and Money Trade Globally.
Outrageous !  To Speak of Chaining and Un-Chaining and EnSlavement while the Global Banks, Global Corporations and Global Speculators (Wall Street and their cohorts and cronies) are tantruming and harumphing about Fair and Just Regulations stunting their Growth and Greatness just because the rest of the Planet no longer wants to be Chained and EnSlaved by Oligarchs and so-called Totally Self Serving (and Self-Absorbed) Ayn Rand Individualists full of hubris and insatiable appetites for the Life’s Blood, Flesh and Bones of Others they define as ’lesser beings’.
Outrageous !  And the Chaining and Un-Chaining and EnSlavement of Others for whatever Reason (or Un-Reasonings), and the Will to Stop this Past/Present/Future Negative and Destructive Dark Energy upon Our Beautiful blue-green gemstone of a Planet goes on-and-on-and-on…….
Un-Chain Us All from these tone deaf Chaining and EnSlaving Dissonances of helter-skelter of chaotic mayhem !
Outrageous !
Excuse me, but does anyone Re-member what the Romney-Ryan Group thought was so Outrageous ?!

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