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The reforming centres The reforming centres
by The Ovi Team
2012-08-15 12:04:27
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A personal friend and a brilliant musician Moritz Cartheuser in an exhibition about city-planning and architecture in Vantaa. Moritz Cartheuser presents his latest work dressing Friedrich von der Hagen’s film "Martinlaakso" with his music. The act is part of the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 and starting today, August 15th will last till September 15th in Vantaa, Designikkuna, Asematie 3 Vantaa

"Uudistuvat keskustat" (renewing citycenters)

"Martinlaakso" - audiovisual narrative film made by Friedrich von der Hagen
music by Moritz Cartheuser

Available in the Silence-Media-Center chair also:

"Elämää Kartanonkoskella - Life in Kartanonkoski"
"Menneisyys nykyisyydessä - The past within the present"


Vantaa Designikkuna
Asematie 3
01300 Vantaa

tu - fri 11-18
sa 11-15
su + mo closed
15.8. - 15.9.

further information (only in finnish):


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