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Introduction to Palmistry: Help is only a hand away - we are the hand that guides us. Introduction to Palmistry: Help is only a hand away - we are the hand that guides us.
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2012-08-15 12:04:39
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img_5663_400Greetings to all. My name is Dr. Harada and I have this wonderful gift that I want to share with you, the gift of being able to read one’s palm. It’s an exciting gift that if used correctly can be a guiding light for you. Before I start looking at individual lines and the significance to our daily lives, I want to go through a couple of important issues which you should always keep in mind while are reading my future columns.

The first thing to always remember is that the lines on your hand are NOT set in concrete. Consequently your destiny is not yet decided. Anything that you read from your palms is only a potential future that you CAN change if you have the desire and believe in yourself. So reading the palm gives you an indication of where you are heading if all things stay the same. This is a great warning system we have. Your hand is like the speedometer in your car – if you are going too fast, slow down. If you are going to slow speed up so you don’t miss the opportunity coming by.

Always remember the lines on your are reflective of our current health, occupation, i.e., a nurse’s hands are vastly different to a mechanic’s, and the environment you live in, i.e., agricultural, professional, blue collar, and stressful etc. Thus the hand represents your past in these ways and through reading your palm in the present connects you to a possible future. You are the one that will accept or reject it, by taking the necessary actions you have to take in your life. So, in this way there is nothing esoteric or magic in the science of palm reading, it’s just simply reflective on who and what we are.

The reality is that we make our own life and the lines on our hand are reflective upon the life we have made. They reflect the consequences of what you have been doing. Thus the lines on our hand are mutually reflective of each other – a type of hologram into our inner self. If you think positively your lines on your hand will become very clear. If you worry, are a pessimistic, or anxious person, then you will find the lines on your hand will become very complex and messy. Yes, the lines on our hand do change over time as we progress through life. In this way palmistry can be very indicative of your state of mind. That’s why monkeys only have two lines on their hands – they don’t worry much.

Each week, I’m going to pick a line and describe its significance to your life. So let’s take this journey together using the wisdom of this ancient art of palmistry. Talk to you next week.


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Eva2012-08-15 12:50:06
Interesting. Looking forward to reading about this :)

Yazan 2015-04-23 16:27:04
It is very hard subject but I think it is interest if can we understand it. Thans Prof Harada

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