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Thump ! Thump ! Thump !
by Leah Sellers
2012-08-06 08:48:51
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All or None !
If it’s not Our Idea, We’ll gum up the Works, Stop it from getting Done !
Compromise is a Coward’s Knot - a Pacifier’s Regurgitated Curd
All or None, are Our three Driving Words !

Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We’re Bully Boys and Bully Girls
Swinging always and ever to the Right
It's the only Direction we swing to perfection
To the Exclusion of all else (including Common Sense and what's good
For the overall Country and Planet Earth
We swing Rightly with raucous mirth
We hide behind and cling to the Ideology of Independent Freedom
And Exclusionary Law-Making
With all of Our corrupting and corruptible Citizen’s United’s might (and fright)
Because Voting’s a privilege, not an American Right !
(Or at least it won't be an American Right for The Rabble-Raising Many
By the time we're through Monkeying around with It State-by-State
We'll covertly convert the present ease of Voting
To an Empty and blackened Tin Plate
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We don’t believe in the Constitutionality of Social Justice Programs
As Right-Wing, Neo-Con, Tea Party-ing Firebrands
We’ll Stand Our Burning Ground !
Against Social Security, Obama-Care (The Affordable Care Act),
Medi-caid, Medi-care, Immigraants, Women’s Rights,
Minorities (some being actual Majorities) Rights, Elder-Care,
 The Homeless and Children
We’ll shoot any Legislation or Law giving Them a Hand-Up, down
And bury ‘em discreetly somewhere out of Town
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
Yes, we’re Creationist (Anti-Science) Bully Boys and Bully Girls
Don’t try to Convince us to Change our Minds
We prefer being paid to do no Government Busyness at all
(Except all too often Mis-Used Filabustering, Extortion-istic Sequestering
And Long Recessing Vacations paid for by the impatiently disgruntled
Constituents we supposedly Represent)
We prefer Posturing, and Thumping
Blustering and Spontaneously Combustioning
Behind podiums and in front of cameras for All to admire and see
While We Stall, and Stall, and Stall…….
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We prefer cutting Taxes for the Rich (and Ultra-Rich)
And creating lots of decimating Loopy-Loop-Holes
While raising Taxes on the Middle Class and Working Poor
Which places the Loops around their scrawny necks
We want to Freely Trickle Down upon the 99%
We have already knocked down to Their bruised and aching knees
We proudly represent the 1% (to 2%)
Because, “Them’s who’s got the Gold, has got the Rule”
(In Tax Shelters in the Cayman's, the Bahamas, Lichtenstein....)
And never Aim to Please (anyone but Our-Selves, that is)
And that’s Right-Wing, Neo-Con, Tea Party, 1%er to 2%er
Legalized by the Supreme Court's Citizen's United Individualized Corporate Biz !
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We’ve Worked hard for all We’ve earned
(As though those earning less Dough don’t Knead and Work just as hard or harder)
Our diatribes and attempting to disguise
Our Self-Serving Social- Economic Con Jobs
(When Everyone else in America is crying out for Real Jobs)
While deliberately Prevaricating
Mis-Using and Abusing the Sacred Language,
Meanings and fluctuating Growth Spurts and Functional Activities
Of Independence, the Constitution, Religious Tolerance, Individualism
Freedom and Liberty
We’ll give the already reeling Nation debilitating Heart-Burn
(Possibly a fatalistic Apocalyptic Heart Attack !)
Yak !  Yak !  Yak !
But, Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We’ve got your Middle Class and Working Poor Backs, America
In fact, We’re standing on top of them
No, we’re not callous Jerks
We’re just Selfishly Calculating Speculators and Manipulators
Busy with our Back-Breaking Work
(Better your Backs than Ours)
Yuk !  Yuk !  Yuk !
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
All or None !
We’ll stop any Compromising from getting done
(Even though that’s what all of you Constituents hired us for, Ho-Hum)
Nope, we’re far more Powerful putting the Country on Demoralizing Hold
Heading for some Self and Other-made National and Global Economic Cliff
(We've got a Bridge in the middle of the Atlantic to sell you, too. 
We'll even teach to row a leaky skiff
For an immodest True and totally Self-Serving Capitalist's Fee that is
Or unEthically, but Legally, getting you to unwittingly Hand over the Deed to your Home and Land
We're easy to please - We'll make due
And make you think we're Helping while Scalping you
Until Everyone Sees It Our Way
We’ll drive the Democrats, Liberals and Independents to the ground
While We Thump, and Whoop, and Holler
And do everything we can to try and keep ’em down
Thumping and Bumping
Create the Illusion of Confusion
While Our multiple and multiplying Collusions and Mind-blowing Ablutions
Win the Day (for Us, that is) 
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We’ll Bully, and Lie, and Cheat, and Steal, and Con
Until all Decency and Integrity are all but gone
That’s Politics today
We like it that way !
Immovable, stuck-in-the-mud and spinning its useless wheels
On useless Going-Nowhere Deals and useless (once Honored)
Congressional Compromising Skills
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
We swing from the lofty Congressional rafters
Howling with Insults and Laughter
Grifters chucking with Grafters
While We bring Our (and Your) National Government and Economy
To a log-jamming Stand Still
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
All or None !
We’ll stubbornly make sure that nothing gets done
While bringing the White House and both of its Houses down
To Our level.
All or None !
We’ll firmly Stop any Bi-Partisan Agreement from getting done
While Blaming and Sacrificing EveryThing and EveryOne
(But our Elitist, 1%er to 2%er Selves and Financial Supporters)
To the Devil
(Of our own Time-Consuming and Nation-Consuming
And ill conceived Contemplation and Destructive Creation)
What a Situation !
Fuelled by Oily, Slick-Willy Conflagrations, and Start-and-Stop Hesitations
(After all, Intermittent Rewards and Punishments are the most Behaviorally Influential)
Willfully causing all kinds of Consternations
Thump !  Thump !  Thump !
All or None !
We’ll stand in the way of getting anything we don’t like done
And When We’ve Won
We don’t care if the Whole Nation loses.  Oops !
Bingle, Bangle, Bungle
It’s hard to See the Tree for the Distracting Jungle
Thump !  Thump !  -  Whump !
We the People/Sheeple, All Fall Down !
And that’s Baaaaaaaad !
But sometimes it takes a Whump to make All of Us Stop and Think
Before Swinging into and possibly drowning in the 1%er's drink
(Kool-ade anyone ?)
It’s Time for a Change Forward
An end to imprisoning Energetic lethargy
Time for We the People to Up and Adam and Up and Eve !
To Work and Strive to Retrieve
Who we Truly Are - Are Truly Be-Coming and Truly Want to Be
What We the People (Individually and Collectively) Truly Need and Believe !
Time for an Alternate, more Thoughtfully Honest, Compassionately Accountable, UpLifting
And Culturally Responsible Reality !

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Emanuel Paparella2012-08-06 10:57:19
Indeed Leah, "It can't happen here" by Sinclair Lewis is fiction but quite often there is more truth and insight in a novel or in poetry than in philosophical-political treatise.

Berzelius "Buzzy" Windrip and his Minute Men may be the representative paradigmatic patriots who will replace Obama come November. After promising prosperity to all citizens, he will take the oath of office, sing America the beautiful, reassure everybody that it "can't happen" in America, and then proceed bully-like to abrogate the Constitution.

You have put your finger on it: it is the bullying, the rejection of compromise and moderation that may be the most sure sign of a great disaster to come: the demise of democracy and freedom in the very place where it was born in modern times.

The Roman saying "corruptio optima pessima" [the corruption of the best is the worst] expresses the concept quite well.

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