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The case of Iranian diplomat and the Western double standards
by Kourosh Ziabari
2012-07-22 10:24:28
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The splendid concepts of human rights, international law, freedom and democracy can easily become the subject of mockery and derision by the Western propaganda and misinformation machinery overnight when these principles are going to be applied to countries outside the imperialist bloc like Iran.

On July 2, the mainstream media in the U.S. and Europe jubilantly reported that an Iranian diplomat was arrested in Frankfurt on charges of "sexual assault." They started beating the drums that he "inappropriately touched a 10-year-old girl" while she was playing outside her apartment on the evening of June 25. Associated Press claimed that the Iranian diplomat stroked the girl's hair and then followed her inside the building and "tried to kiss her."

After being spotted and attacked by an African woman on the street, the German police arrested the Iranian diplomat and beat him severely, but later released him as it was proved that he worked with the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt and enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

Just a few days ago, reports were published that the German prosecutors have just begun investigating the diplomat's case.

The European media failed to report that the German police unjustifiably and illegally assaulted the Iranian diplomat and beat him without having a warrant, but they appropriately brought to light this "unforgivable diplomatic debacle," making a mountain out of a molehill as usual when dealing with Iran affairs!

According to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Hassan Qashqavi, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Majlis and Iranians Affairs stated that elements affiliated with the anti-Iran terrorist cult MKO played a role in the predetermined scenario against the Iranian diplomat. He also went on to say that the Iranian diplomat was the target of a smear campaign orchestrated by MKO and the German media.

Regardless of the veracity of the accusation directed against the Iranian diplomat by the mainstream media, the first impression that one gets when contemplating over the story is that the Western society once again failed to practice what it adamantly preaches and prescribes for the developing world. Once again, the fundamental principles of "Western democracy" have been hypocritically and illogically violated by the same people who champion such principles.

The first question that a conscious man might ask regarding the German police's treatment of the Iranian diplomat is, "Wasn't the Iranian diplomat enjoying diplomatic immunity as stipulated by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?" If so, then why did the German police unwarrantedly arrest and illegally beat him without being authorized to do so by an official court verdict?

The second question that might come to mind is that, "What would happen if a German diplomat was illegally arrested and beat by Iranian police while walking in a street in Tehran? Wouldn't the United States and all of its European and non-European allies cry to the whole world and make the feathers fly that the principle of diplomatic immunity has been violated by Iran and that Iran should be punished for its illegal behavior toward a foreign diplomat?"

The answers to such questions are clear. Indubitably, the mistreatment of an American or European diplomat in a country like Iran will lead to an uproarious hullabaloo and an all-out crisis. The issue will turn into a global concern and the international organizations won't hesitate in rushing to condemn and attack that country for violating the rights and immunity of a Western diplomat. They will create such a clamor that one inadvertently comes to believe that the Western citizens in general and diplomats in particular, are more equal than their Iranian counterparts! And this is a duplicitous and deceitful attitude toward the idea of human rights which the imperialist superpowers have always adhered to. According to their unwritten conventions, the Western citizens are first-class human beings whose rights should be preserved at all costs, but the defenseless people in the developing world are second-rate creatures whose rights don't matter in any way.

So far, not a single page of reliable evidence has been put forward to confirm the alleged wrongdoing of Iranian diplomat in Frankfurt and everything said in this regard was the speculations and conjectures of the Western media. However, what is agonizing and unbearable is the duplicity and insincerity of these media who refused to criticize the German police for its illegal behavior and shed a light on the violation of the internationally recognized principle of diplomatic immunity.

In order to understand the depth of the catastrophe which is taking place, just replace the nationalities and names. Imagine that a German diplomat was arrested and attacked by Iranian police in the daylight without legal permission. Consequently, you can think of the ways the American and European media would turn the incident into their unchangeable first headlines and continue lamenting it for days and months. This is the way the "human rights" has become the laughingstock of those who have devised it.

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Emanuel Paparella2012-07-22 21:38:32
“…’human rights’ has become the laughingstock of those who have devised it.”

The statement above is quite a mouthful. It has some obvious false assumptions. It assumes in the first place that human rights are an invention of the Western countries or of the UN.

In the second place it is assumed that they don’t apply universally but only to some privileged (more equal) countries. Which is to say that they are not inalienable, accruing to each individual human being, but a mere instrument of “Western imperialism.”

In the third place it confuses human rights with diplomatic immunity which is a separate issue altogether.

In the light of those misguided false assumptions, were we to reverse the table and interview Mr. Ziabari and ask him what he is demanding on issue of human rights, I suspect he would reply that those rights ought to be respected and applied equally toward each and every person on earth, especially those who are innocent of any crime; in other words that those rights should be objective, universal and inalienable. Most of us would agree.

But there is a further question for Mr. Ziabari and it is this: “in the light of the objectivity, universality and inalienability of human rights, how would he characterize the attack in Bulgaria on Israeli tourists which killed 7 and wounded 32 innocent people, which strong intelligence leads many to strongly suspect that it was carried out by Iran sponsored Hezbollah? Do we have a double standard operating here? And if so, is it double standard reprehensible no matter who and where it is applied? And let us not forget that there have been other such attacks on innocent Israeli citizens, in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya and Cyprus.

It would be interesting indeed to get a clear unbiased reply on this issue from Mr. Ziabari, but I kind of doubt we will ever get one.

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