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What Could Have Been Done to Stop It ?!
by Leah Sellers
2012-07-21 10:29:41
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At a midnight premiere showing for The Dark Knight Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado, a disgruntled, disappointed, and dangerous Young Man - a potential Neuro-Scientist - a potential PhD. - a potential future Doctor, who was in the process of dropping out of the University of Colorado entered the movie theatre, and embedded well thought out and very premeditated Chaos with a hail of bullets, and toxic smoke bombs.
A Young Man - a one time quietly shy high school honor student, full of Hope and Curiosity regarding his prospects in the field of Science and Medicine, decided to go on a Rampage of calm, cool and collected Rage after taking front stage at the movie theatre.
He Made himself the Opening Act.
Everyone watching him walk up or suddenly appear in his all black assault gear, helmet and gas mask, with his fully loaded assault rifle, hand gun and shot gun thought he was there to further promote the violent and scary theme of the Movie.
Goody-goody !  More thrills and chills of Death and Mayhem !
He was.  But just not in the way His enthusiastically awaiting Audience assumed.  The guns were real.  The lethal bullets were real.  The toxic gas was real.
And when the crowd finally Woke Up to the seemingly UnRealistic Real-ity of their very UnRealistically-Real Situation, people lay wounded, dying and dead upon the theatre’s popcorn strewn floor.
Everyone crying and screaming out for an Intermission, The Shooter (calling himself The Joker) never intended to give them, unless it included a pine box, and a long rectangular hole six feet in the ground.
Now, everyone in America, who watches or listens to the News, is discussing their shock, deep sadness and sorrow regarding the horrific event.  Horror very similar to the Violence and Death everyone was about to sit down and Enjoy at the theatre.
Gives a whole new depth of meaning to “…Life is but a Stage…”, or a violent video game, or a violent boob-tube show, or a violent movie….
Meanwhile in Syria (and many other War torn Countries around the Globe), more Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and Daughters lay Wounded, Dying and Dead in dirty, bombed out streets and ruined buildings.  In other UnRealistic, but all to Real Realities.
No Bat Man (but plenty of Dark Knights).  No Theatre of the Macabre in Aurora, Colorado, but the Realities of the so called Theatres of War.
Each Life’s Scene (Aurora, Syria and other War torn Countries Globally) filled with Real Guns, lethal Bullets, smoke bombs, booby-traps, chemical bombs, killing machines, the annihilation of Precious Human Lives and Spirits, the devastating Realities of Rage, Hopelessness, Ruined and Defeated Dreams and Lives, the ever present and constantly shifting Blaming Finger, the misguided machinations of those needing Power and Control in whatever Violent, Covert and poisonously Forceful ways and means they can Take it.
What’s the Real difference between any of these Theatres of Chaos, Annihilation, and corrupting Violence.  The Result is the same.  The Walking Wounded.  The Dying and the Dead.
What's the Motive ?  Why did it have to happen this way ?  What's the Difference ?  Is there any Real Difference ?
What Could Have Been Done To Stop It ?!
What, indeed !

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Thanos2012-07-21 12:18:26
How many times I have said exactly the same thing!

Emanuel Paparella2012-07-21 14:16:10
For the next few days we will have our journalists and pusillanimous politicians talking about all kinds of hypocritical platitudes and clichés regarding our ritual violence, but precious few will mention and address the fact that our country is awash in guns and that such a fact is in itself the symptom of a deep existential problem. We will also be treated to the sad spectacle of the NRA and its surrogates coming out with its outrageously silly mantra that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

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