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The McCarthy Boogey-Man
by Leah Sellers
2012-07-24 07:41:55
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The McCarthy Boogey-Man is roaming the Halls of Congress, and the American White House which now houses a ‘foreign’ black president and his family.
This same Straw-Man, McCarthy Boogey-Man is busily charging through the Right-Wing airwaves and internet dig-a-bite, gigabytes via the megaphone-microphones of highly paid (by some of the new non-profit, social welfare entities worth millions of the Right-Wing Corporate/Political Moguls dollars), and stumblin’ around like a town drunk in search of Terrorists.
That’s right !  Terrorists, and their “pigs can fly” Terroristic cohorts.
Why ?
Americans want to know what presidential candidate Romney is hiding in his Tax Returns.  They want to know if Romney has been quoting scripture, chapter and verse, from the Conservative Bible or the Book of Lies.
Whose lies ?  Mr. Romney’s (possible and probable cause) lies, and typical 1%er Trickster manipulations of his onshore and offshore Taxes.
So, the Republicans (and Mr. Romney) need a Diversion.  It’s time for a Witchy-Terrorist Hunt.  And since President Obama is a highly Intelligent black man who believes in Social Justice and a Fair Playing Field for All.  And Joe Biden is a Knowingly cagey and strongly Passionate Voice for the struggling (and in some cases already drowning) Middle Class.  And Hillary Clinton is a highly Effective and Respected Secretary of State - a huntin’ they shall go.  Time for a Shoe and Tomato throw.  Another Right-Wing Conspiracy scenario.  “Mon-i-ca !”
Load up your shotguns, now, Republican-Tea Party-Right-Wing-Neo-Con Terrorist Hunters !  Load ’em up with sure fire Liar buckshot !  Shoot everything that moves.  Especially if it moves to the Left !
Why ?
It confuses Sheeple/People.  It creates an Environment of Anger, Fear and vertigo producin’ Distractions.  Just what They need !
Load up your sure fire Liar shotguns and make the UnAmerican, Anti-American Liberal and Democrat Terrorists bleed !
Cast aspersions !  Demonize ’em !  Ruin their Reputations !  Sully their Good names !  It’s time we go all out !  Witchy-Terrorist Huntin’ is the most sought after Game in Town !  We can’t let our highly manipulated (and in some cases manipulative) Right-Wing constituents down !
Anyone of ‘color‘.  Anyone with a funny (foreign) soundin’ name.  Anyone who looks different or acts differently from the norm will get a target painted on their backs.  Get out the hounds and run ’em down !
We’ll call those Liberals and Democrats dirty words like Socialists, Communists, Perverts, Immigrants and Clowns.  Load up your Shotguns, Republican-Tea Party-Right-Wing-Neo-Cons !  ‘Cause without Equivocation we must make everyone in America (and abroad) think that the Liberals and Democrats are Traitorous, Spyin’ Terrorists.  Secret Muslim Radical Supporters (and possibly and probably Secret Radical Muslims themselves).
Yep, Distractions, Prevaricatin’ Smoke Bombs, Reputation-Ruining Stink Grenades, Social Welfare-Non-Profit Million Dollar Tanks (and other such Million Dollar Ad and Destructo-Facto Money Machines brought about and created by the Citizen’s United Decision), the Fear Monger Boogie and the Terrorist Tango are the Strategies, Ways and Means needed for us to make a real Killin’ !
It’s time for the Elitist Kings and Queens, the Corporate, Banking and Speculatin’ Moguls to Rise and Shine !  Time to put the Middle Class and Poor rabble in their place.  They all work for Us anyway.  If they give us too much lip, keep whinin’ for a Fair and Just Living Wage we’ll really show ‘em who’s in charge.  We’ll move everything overseas to low paying sweat shops or have China pay to build us new manufacturing plants abroad, and hide all of our Monies in offshore tax-free accounts !  Ha !
Yes, the McCarthy Boogey-Man is roaming the Halls of Congress, the White House, and the UnConscious Consciousness of America (and abroad, when It can get away with it).
Quick, SomeOne hand the bobbing and weaving McCarthy Boogey-Man a mirror !   But be prepared for The McCarthy Boogey-Man to start unexpectedly jiggin’ around to the Fear Monger Boogie and Terrorist Tango all by Itself, because It’ll find the Real Witchy-Terrorist (and that’s quite an alarmingly Ugly Critter) staring right back at It !  Aaaah !
Should the Liberals and Democrats kindly warn the McCarthy Boogey-Man about the seven (possibly eight) years bad luck that follows broken Looking Glass ?

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Emanuel Paparella2012-07-24 17:23:26
Food for thought! We have found the enemy and it's us! And to deny that truth staring in our face as we look in the mirror is to be "exceptional" indeed.

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