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An Elemental Reverie of Water
by Leah Sellers
2012-07-13 10:23:47
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Texas has been undergoing a rather unpleasant drought for the past few years, which has brought Texas’ parched future concerning Water under serious scrutiny.
However, for the first time, in a very long time, the Hill Country of Texas finally received some long awaited Rain today.
Those Rains inspired the following Impressions:
Dark clouds adrift upon a sunlit horizon
Their black edges shining with brilliant silvers and golds
The Rains which whispered, thundered and flashed with lightning
Within their wispy folds
Refresh parched Earth
And wet the Lips of thirsty Pilgrims and Lost Souls
Cleansing, Purifying Waters
Brutally cold and nurturingly warm
Fall from the horizon’s Dark Harbingers
Bringing both Sustenance and possible harm
Such is the Nature of Clouds
Dark, shining, silver and gold
They are the Promise of things to come and Hopes to hold


I’ve spent so many Days down by the Water
Watching the Rippling Days
Drift like they doughtier
Each Day a drop of Rain
Splashed upon thirsty Soil
A wet burst of Creation and Life
Each crystal Drop of Rain
A kaleidoscopic Rainbow
Of Energy and Light
Rain, Look at all the Rain
Pounding the Ground
Pounding it Out
Look at all the pretty falling Rain

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