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Clouds of Perception
by Leah Sellers
2012-07-10 07:40:47
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“Look, Daddy !  Look, Grandma !  Look into the sky.  I See a Wolf howling at a pretty round ball !”
Smiling, the Father looked down into his Child’s awe filled Bright Eyes, and followed her small finger toward the large nimbus Cloud and Moon in the azure blue stratosphere.  “Yes, Little One, I See the Wolf howling at the pretty round ball.”

“Some Native American tribes say that the Wolf is the symbol of the Great Teacher.  The Wolf journeys alone into the Wilderness to Learn how to Survive and attain Great Knowledge and Skills.  Then the Wolf returns to the Tribe to Teach and Share everything it Knows with the Tribe - with the Community in order to help make it Self and Other Sustaining, Stronger and more Cohesive.”
“That nimbus Cloud that shapes your Wolf’s howling head is made up of gases, water molecules and the Sun’s Light playing within it and around it.  The pretty ball your Wolf is howling at is the Moon.  The Moon is shining because the Sun’s Rays are reflecting off of it.”
Grandma cleared her throat, ”Well, the back of the Little One’s Wolf head is darkening considerably.  And the Moon has developed a Ring around it.”
“Judging from all of those observable Natural signs, and the sudden coolness of the wind that’s beginning to gust around us, I’d have to say that a Blue Northerner is heading our way.”
All three BeHolders Perceived The Truth.
The Truth is simultaneously static and dynamic.  As is Perception.  As is the Perceiver.  As is the Perceived.
Dogma, Rules of Law (of Natural Law, of UnNatural Law, of Manmade Law), Experience, Observation, and the Questions and Pronouncements of Wonder, Mystery, and the Mundane are all simultaneously static and dynamic.
When more than one Perceiver Speaks their Truth. The Truth. The Great Teacher - The Wolf Cloud will Longingly and Knowingly howl at the pretty Reflective and Reflecting Moon.

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