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Ovi bookshop
by The Ovi Team
2012-07-02 11:20:58
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Ovi magazine for long time offers you a selection of eBooks in variety of themes covering from essays, history, novels, children books, short stories, cartoons and comics. And we constantly try to add more books that might interest you.

The last two additions to our collection are:

europe00 Book 1: Europe beyond the Euro
Prof. Emanuel L. Paparella:

A collection of articles written for Ovi magazine about the European Union and Europe and all things that make Europe not a partnership between strangers but a union among family members with common roots.




Book 2: All about my mother
Abigail George
A collection of short stories from Abigail George published for Ovi magazine

So, just visit our bookshop and enjoy our collection.

You can download for free all the books HERE!

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