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Oh Egypt !
by Leah Sellers
2012-06-27 09:02:57
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Oh Egypt
Beautiful Daughter of the Nile
Palm Fronds bend and expand beneath your weary, persevering Feet
Slipping and sliding upon the Shifting Sands of Formulating Liberty
Made more stable by Universal Good Will which considers All
While Sifting through the Disciplined Measures of Balanced Compromise
Amongst Military, Secular and Theological blinking Mind’s Eyes

Oh Egypt
Land of ancient desert golden empires
Shimmering mirages wavering upon History’s wind blown Sands of Time
Source of Nether World River Visions and Dreams
Whose modern Peoples Awakened by Technology -
By Communicating with and Touching the Lives,
Minds, Hearts and Souls of Others Worldwide
Whose Knowledge-Thirsty Peoples Opened Them-Selves
To the Ideals and Potentialities of democracy -
Of Empowered Voice, Vote and Citizenry
Who Willingly and un-Willingly shed blood, sweat and tears
For Faith in a Belief of some-thing, some-way better
Oh Egypt
You have Chosen the Path of Ra
The Sun Sets on One Idea, One Imagined and Realized Dream
To Rise the next Day upon Another and Others
With Hawk’s Wings You Seek to Rise Above
To Call out to Higher and Brighter
Individual and National Aspirations and Inspirations
For Your-Selves - for Your Children - for Your Children’s Children
Oh Egypt
Bright Jewel of the East
You have many more Sand Storms, Dust Devils and Crocodile Maws
To struggle against and with before Your democracy
Evolves into a more Egalitarian Reality
But like the Bright Lotus of Africa
You will Breathe Life into the democracy You yearn for -
Work for and Chant and Pray into Being
Oh Egypt
Brilliant Desert Fire Storm of the Arabian Spring
You Re-Mind us
You Re-Mind Us………..

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