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Open the Closet-Doors !
by Leah Sellers
2012-06-20 09:58:06
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What happens if You Open that Closet-Door ?
Will the Boogie Man (or Woman) jump out of the Closet
And knock you to the floor ?
Will that Nice Man you work beside every day of the week
Turn-of-the-handle, pop out of the Closet
Oh my, my - Gay ?
Will that Nice Lady you walk-talk and jog with every weekend
Turn-of-the-handle, jump out of the Closet a run-away
Oh my, my - Immigrant ?

Closets, by Design, are Engineered Structures of Limited Space and Time,
Devoid of Light, and full of diminished and lost Opportunities
Imagine the Fears and Desolation that Grow and Fester
In the Dark Isolation of Closets
Imagine being full of Wonderful Ideas and Inspirations
Which never See the Light of Day
Because You must Be Quiet - Be Invisible - Never Shine too Brightly
Or you risk Becoming a Target - UnFair Game for the more Predatory, Ignorantly Fear-based and Violently Destructive and InHumane Members
Of Humanity, come what may
What would happen if We Opened All of the Planetary Closet Doors ?
Yes, Open them !  Set All of the Fears, Prejudices and Bigotries aside
Greet All Human Beings locked up -
Chained up within the Closets’ suffocating and stymieing boundaries
With Arms, Minds and Hearts Open wide ?
Make Universal Love, Compassion and Tolerance
The Call Words and Action-packed Deeds of the Day
Allowed EveryOne the Fullness of Who they Are
And Who they Choose to Become ?
Why limit the World to punitive and damning judgments
Which hold Others down
While elevating Some ?

Which Create Lifetime, taken for granted, Opportunities and Freedoms
For Others
But only Lifetime, bitterly Dis-Illusioning Imprisonment and Loss
For Some ?
Communication, Compassionate Outreach, Understanding, Moderation,
Compromise and Sacrifice for Others
Lifts, Nourishes and Sustains
All Individuals
All Peoples
All Nations
To their Highest and Deepest Potentialities, Possibilities and Goals
Yes, Open the Closet-Doors !
Let the Light DiStill, Purify, Magnify, Heal and Illuminate
Our Individual and Collective Minds, Hearts and Souls
Yes, Open the Closet-Doors !
Holding NoOne back -
Moving EveryOne Forward
Let’s Make OurSelves Universally Whole !

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Eva 2012-06-20 22:40:18

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