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Finders/Keepers, Losers/Weepers
by Leah Sellers
2012-06-09 10:43:19
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Somewhere in America….
The newscaster stood aghast at the beautiful, young teenager she was interviewing.  “Why did you steal the Girl Scout Cookie monies from the nine year old Girl Scout ?  What did you plan to do with the one hundred and fifty dollars ?”

The young blonde answered blandly, “Me and my Friend just needed some money.  I just needed - just wanted the money.  So, when the little girl got distracted by someone else, I grabbed the envelope with the money in it, and Me and My Friend took off in the Beamer.”
“What did you need the money for ?”
“To buy things, you know.  Nothin’ in particular.  Just to buy things.”
“Didn’t it bother you that you took the money from a nine year old girl ?  A Girl Scout ?
“No, not really.  It’s not her money anyway.  The girl doesn’t get to keep it.  So, no it doesn’t bother me.  The only thing that bothers me is the charges being brought against me.”
“I should never have given the money back.  I should have kept it.  I’m in a whole lot of trouble anyway.  I should have kept it.”
“We were just drivin’ around in the Beamer.  We were just out riding around.  You know,” the blonde girl shrugged.  “It’s not as though I planned it.  All I did was take it when the opportunity presented itself.  It’s not like it was a big deal or anything.”
Finder/Keepers, Losers/Weepers !
Somewhere else in America, in a small town in Texas….
A Homeless Man contemplating suicide walked down to the river’s edge to wash his very dirty feet.
It had been raining for a couple of days, and the woods were damp and dank.
The river had risen a few feet, but the waters had receded, leaving the already overwhelmed Homeless Man to contend with a muddy mess.
While making his way back up the slippery river bank, the Homeless Man saw something unusual sticking up out of the ground.  Reaching down into a human-made hole in the ground, he grabbed up a fistful of money.  Wet, slimy, paper money.
Thinking he was hallucinating, he rubbed his eyes, and reached back down into the hole and grabbed yet another handful of wet, slick cash.
He started laughing hysterically, while partially counting, and trying to separate, and dry out all of the wet, drropy bills he could find.  “There’s thousands of dollars here.  I can’t believe this.  This is God’s answer to my prayers.  He wants me to live, and to make something of myself with this money.  I just know it.”
He climbed up the river bank in jubilation.  “Who do I tell ?  How do I know this is real ?  Who could have buried it there ?  Why would anyone bury their money under that tree by the river ?”
Walking quickly back up to the road he had diverted from in order to wash his feet in the river’s water, he spotted a City Bank across the way.  Crossing the road he entered the City Bank with Great Expectations.
He was greeted by timorous smiles and looks of suspicion.  Perhaps, because he was covered from head-to-toe by mud, and hadn’t had a bath in days.
The Homeless Man dropped the money on top of the counter.  “Can you tell me whether or not this money is real ?”
While the Homeless Man was relating his story about finding the monies to anyone and everyone who would listen, another City Bank-teller quietly alerted the police.  Within minutes, the confused and befuddled Homeless Man found himself under arrest and the monies confiscated by the City.
It appears that the Homeless Man was well known throughout the small Texas town as one of the local, troublesome, but relatively harmless drunks. And that the Homeless Man had been arrested several times in the past for various public intoxication, and misdemeanor offenses.
Most folks in the small town in Texas did not have a favorable opinion of the Homeless Man, and considered him to be a shiftless pest.
The Homeless Man was released from his jail cell, after the police checked out his story about finding the mysterious buried money, and taking it almost immediately to the City Bank.
The police then informed him that if the money was not claimed by a certain date, set by law, then the eighty-two thousand dollars would be all his to spend as he pleased.
The Homeless Man left jail with a smile on his face and a Song of Hope in his Heart.
The Date that the Homeless Man was supposed to receive the eighty-two thousand dollars came and went, without his receiving the monies.
The smile left the Homeless Man’s face and the Song of Hope in his Heart became a mirthless “Hurrumph !”
The Homeless Man decided to hire a lawyer to represent his Right of Finders/Keepers, Losers/Weepers.  But once again the Homeless Man’s efforts to receive the monies he had found upon the river bank were thwarted by the City Council.
The Homeless Man’s attorney complained about the Homeless Man’s terrible and unethical treatment by the City in public, and on the radio.  But to no avail.
The elected City Council set another Date for the True Owners of the eighty-two thousand dollars to make a claim upon the once buried cash.
The second “come and get it” Date also passed without anyone claiming the eighty-two thousand dollars, but still the City refused to release the funds to the Homeless Man.  In fact, the City is presently coming up with all kinds of legal excuses for not giving the Homeless Man the once buried treasure, and further demonizing his character to the overall Public Ear and Gossip Mills.
It has become apparent to the Homeless Man that the City intends to hold onto the monies indefinitely, and that even if he can finally win the day, and actually have the eighty-two thousand dollars eventually released to him, that most of the monies will probably go to his lawyer.  Eee-gads !
Unfortunately, for Humanity, both of these accounts are True and very Current Events.  That’s right, these torrid tales of Human Frailties, Failures and Woe have actually taken place upon our Beautiful and Inspiring blue gemstone of a Planet.
Upon hearing these sad and treacherous tales, and juxtaposing their mal-content and intent, one might be led to question the Sanity and so-called Progress of Our Societies.
The Greatest Sadness brought away from both of these True Tales is that the Blonde, teenage Girl Scout Cookie Money Thief is not any better or any worse than the elected City Council in some anonymous part of Texas, somewhere in America, somewhere else upon Our beautiful gemstone of a Planet, Earth.
Both are Conscienceless, Conniving, Narcissistic, Remorseless Thieves, and the nine year old Girl Scout and the once (and perhaps once again) suicidal Homeless Man are their luckless Victims.
What is Our World coming to ?
Who can We the People Trust when the Babes and the Leaders of the Law of the Land are corrupted and recklessly damaging and destructive to their Fellow Neighbors, Citizens, Girl Scouts and perceived Town Failures (the least of these) without Genuine Consequence and/or Just Retribution ?
America, Texas, and the rest of the Great Good Earth is in Need of an Awakening and an Illuminatingly Enlightening (and Wisely Enlightened) Cultural Re-Formation and R-Evolution.
Finding/Keeping, Losing/Weeping are all Elements and Matters of Energetic Balance.
We Can Do Better.  Much Better.  We Can Be Better.  Much Better.  Somewhere in America…..Somewhere in any and all towns, Great and small, upon (and around) the rest of the World.

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