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En-Gay-G-Ment With Equal Rights For All Under the Law
by Leah Sellers
2012-05-12 12:56:32
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America is Evolving Forward into the Future.
The American Black President took Courage and Integrity under his Wings and flew like an Eagle.

This Philosophical Poetry-Man and Evolutionary Leader announced today that Hope and Change - Equality under the Law for All - is possible for Everyone, when he spoke of his own personal Evolution regarding the Right for gay men and women to Marry.
America, the Land of the Free embraces within her mighty Wings Civil Rights for All - for Women - for Blacks - for Peoples of All Colors and Backgrounds (and Foregrounds) - for the feisty and persistent Societal Invisibles and Lepers (the Gays).
The Leader of America has announced that History is Moving Forward, and that Everyone is invited, allowed and has a Right to have the Opportunity to go along for the Ride of Their Lifetimes.
Men of the President Obama’s Conscientious and Thoughtful Character and Humanitarian Compassionate Action are Evolutionary Creationists.
Creationists of a World of Tolerance and Liberty for All.  Fairness and Justice for All.
Another Giant Step Forward for Humankind is in the Making.

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