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Self-Made Concentration Camps
by Leah Sellers
2012-05-02 07:52:16
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As a Child, the Children in Cheyenne’s Neighborhood sometimes liked to Play War by re-enacting scenes from WWII movies.  The boys would be the Warriors, and the girls would be the Nurses.
The boys would scream out, “ Bang ! Bang ! I hate you Japs !  Take that you rotten Jap !  Boom ! Boom !  I hate you Nazis !  Take that you stinkin’ Nazi !"  
Then the boys who played the Japs or Nazis would always be shot dead by stick revolvers or tree branch machine guns or blown up by tennis ball grenades tossed by the boys who played the American Warriors.
The wounded American Warriors would always wind up in the shade of the front porch to be tended to by the attentive American Nurses (the girls), and sent right back out to battle the Japs and Nazis who had amazingly sprung back to life while the American Warriors were being instantaneously healed by the Neighborhood Nurses.
Being raised to Be “The-Singing-Missionary-To-Be“, Cheyenne tried to also bring the shot and blown-up Japs and Nazis onto the front porch for instantaneous healing, but was always vetoed.
She was told that they were the Enemy and deserved to lie uncomfortably on the ground, sweating under the hot Texas sun.  That was why they always drew straws to decide who the Japs and Nazis, and the American Warriors were to Be.
Drawing straws kept the War Games ‘fair-n-square’.  Because nobody looked forward to lying out under the blistering sun, especially after Jimmy accidentally landed on top of a Fire Ant Hill while Playing a dead Enemy Warrior one afternoon.
He certainly made a very lively looking corpse running aimlessly around in the neighbor’s yard, yelling nonsensically at the top of his lungs, and slapping at his legs and belly with his flailing arms and hands.
Also, the boys would never admit it, but they actually looked forward to and enjoyed being ‘tended to and instantaneously healed’ by the gentle ministrations of the Nurses.
But, Cheyenne never felt comfortable with the hate speech.  She was a Jesus Girl, and she knew that Jesus wanted Every One to Love All the Children (and Adults) of the World.  Cheyenne knew that Jesus would frown down from Heaven upon a Jesus Girl who uttered one Word of Hate speech.
Plus, Cheyenne’s mother would have had a hissy-fit if she ever caught wind of her doing something so mean and ugly.  Cheyenne had the recent and very unpleasant memory of having had her mouth washed out with soap by Mama once before, and had no intention of going back for seconds.
Also, one of Cheyenne’s best friends in elementary school, who happened to Be the very first Adopted Child she had ever met, was Japanese, and Cheyenne, herself, was part German.
True, Cheyenne was (and still is) predominantly Irish-English, but her Great-Grandpa K spoke broken English and perfect German.
Great-Grandpa K. had left his German Fatherland in order to bring his Family to America for a Better Life in the Land of Opportunity and Liberty.
He was a jovial, studious man who made his own homemade beer, and eventually wound up hiding his Family away in the Wilderness beauty of the Appalachians when America began rounding up German born and Japanese American natives into Concentration Camps throughout the United States during WWII.
Great-Grandpa K. left everything in the City behind and chose to Live Free within Civil Dis-Obedience underneath the great green boughs of the bountiful and mountainous Appalachian Wilderness.
He built two large log cabins, attached to one another by a long breezeway, with his own hands and skills (and the help of others in the Wilderness Community), on Land he and his Family ultimately Homesteaded.
 A few years later, Cheyenne’s Grandpa A., a Navy Man, met her Grandma K. at a Community Barn Dance, and Grandma K. became Grandma A. shortly afterwards, when Cheyenne’s English-Irish Grandpa A. decided to propose marriage to her full-blooded German Grandma K., and Grandma K. blushingly said, “Yes.”
So, even in Play, how could Cheyenne hate a part of herself.  She was proud of  Being Irish-English-German.  She was proud of having a German Great-Grandpa who Chose Freedom, and the hardships of Building a New Life in the American Wilderness over being herded into a Concentration Camp with the rest of the ostracized Sheeple/People.
Although, Cheyenne will admit to the fact that her Great-Grandpa K. had a genetically inherited advantage over the Japanese Americans, because he was a white Euro-American.  He, and his Family, had a Natural Cultural Disguise.
Cheyenne’s Mother’s People pride themselves on Being Self-Made, Independent, Active, and Highly Productive Individuals.  Their god in Life was (and still is) Not money.  Their God was ( and still is) One of the Spirit who had (and has) a strong Ethical and Moral Code of Universal Love, Compassionate Action and Service Oriented Community Action.
Cheyenne’s Mother’s People are strict Missionary and Southern Baptists, and due to the culture they were raised in, can, at times be a bit clannish and exclusionary in nature.  But on the whole - at the core of Who and What they are - they are wonderfully Industrious, Artistic, Knowledge Seeking, and Generously Loving folks.
Cheyenne’s Grandpa A. donated Lands, Supplies and his Skills for the Community’s first School, and first Church.  He ram-rodded the entire Community’s coming together to lend a Helping Hand building both the Church and the School.  He was an inspiring Mentor and Role Model.
So, how could Cheyenne hate what she Loved - what she Honored and Cherished as the better parts of herSelf and her Identity ?
Cheyenne was also (and still is) a Texan.  She Loves the State of Texas and Being an Independent and Adventurous Texan.
Cheyenne was also (and still is) an American.  She Loves Being a Citizen of the Land of Liberty - of Opportunity and Freedom for All.
Due to her Realization that she is always more than just one thing - one Identity, Cheyenne, also Understands how complex Every One else is.  And that because of that Complexity the World of the Internal and External are always Complicated, and need to be handled with Loving Care.
However, Cheyenne is not fond of the way the Laws of the Land of Liberty have been gradually perverted to serve and protect the wants and needs of the 1% (the Global Bankers, Global Corporations, and Elitist Few), while undermining the Needs, Wants and Protections of the 99% (the rest of the Nation - the rest of the World).
She Sees that the 1% are Controlling the flow of the National and Global Monies and Resources by buying-off and manipulating lawyers, politicians and the judicature in order to manipulate them into changing the Laws already Protecting the 99%. Or writing new Laws to Rig the State, National, and Global Economic-Socio-Political Casino Games and Shell Games to solely benefit the 1% at the cost of - the diminishment, degradation and sacrifice of the 99%.
She Comprehends that in many ways, the 1% (the Global Banks, Global Corporations and Elitist Few) are creating and imprisoning the 99% within the virtual reality Concentration Camps of enSlaving and subjugating Poverty, Socio-Economic Stagnation, Decrease and Despair, and Lack of Personal and Civil Opportunities, Liberties and Rights.
Slam the Door !  Take the Keys (Laws of the Land) and Lock Them (We the People) up !  Behind Legal constraints and restraints machinated by the 1% and their well paid Cronies !  Silly, Blinded by Apathy, Sheeple !  Baaaa…!
That’s right, We the Sheeple/People, are being slowly imprisoned and choked to near death by Our Own Laws and Our Own Systems.
We the Sheeple/People are watching it happen before Our very eyes.  We the Sheeple/People, are allowing the virtual reality Concentration Camps to be built around Us like deadly crypts by the 1% (the Global Banks, Global Corporations and the Elitist Few) and their toxic Minions.
Cheyenne’s Great-Grandpa K, rather than give into imPrisonment within a Concentration Camp, decided to Occupy the beautiful Appalachian Wilderness in order to continue Seeking and Acting upon the Just Liberties he came to America to Build a New Life of Opportunity upon.
We the People, are allowing Our Great American Wilderness and Legal Bastions of Opportunity and Personal and Collective Liberties and Human Rights to be bought and sold right out from underneath of Us.
We the People, are allowing Our unalienable Rights to be striped naked and lie unProtected to be ravaged by the Economic-Socio-Political Predators of the Nations and the World.
Only the Unified Power of We the People can stop it !  Stop it and reDirect it !  Stop it and reDefine it !  Stop it and reMold it !  Stop it and reMake it !
Right now, We the People, are a lot like Jimmy running aimlessly around, crying out in vain while frantically trying to get away from the venomous stinging and biting Fire Ants crawling all over our Lives and our carcasses creating nothing but pain, damage and Fear.
We the People, can Choose an Enlightened Pathway to Our Future that Uplifts and Benefits Every One and imPrisons and enSlaves No One !
Cheyenne (whose name means ‘the Tribe’) would really be (and still is) interested in Knowing Which Virtual Reality to the Future will We the People Choose to Occupy and Breathe to Life ?
Because, like her Great-Grandpa K. she Knows that the Possibilities are Positively endless if We the People Unite and Ignite Our Concentrated and Consecrated Higher Selves and Our Higher Thoughts, Ideals, Dreams and Goals !
It’s Time for We the People to Individually and Collectively Occupy  Newer, Truer and Greater National and Global Consciousnesses !  Time to Create and Occupy Camps of Concentration for the Higher Purposes of  Our Ever Expanding Hearts, Minds and Souls !

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