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May 2012 choices May 2012 choices
by The Ovi Team
2012-05-01 10:46:57
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Spring means flowers; a new beginning for the nature but at the moment for most is hopping in a political spring and change with elections in France and Greece now, Germany and USA to follow. So let’s talk about photography!

Best blog: All Day I Dream About Photography

ADIDAP, or All Day I Dream About Photography, was born on the August 23rd, 2006. It is here that we share with the world our love for photography through tutorials (photography and post processing), news and featured photographers. Today ADIDAP community counts 8942 photography lovers.


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Best site: Mitchell Kanashkevich

I am a tirelessly curious world wanderer and a travel/documentary photographer. My main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations. My range of subjects is fairly broad, but whether I am photographing nomadic shepherds in India, life in the last traditional villages of Eastern Europe or sulfur miners working in a volcanic crater, my common aim is always the same - to capture the human element. I freelance and shoot documentary photo stories and I write eBooks, mostly in collaboration with “Craft & Vision” as well as “Digital Photo School”. Much of my travel/documentary photography is represented by Getty Images, while my cultural portraits, both colour and black and white are in the private collections of photo lovers and collectors worldwide.



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