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The Dance of the Dolphins, The Song of the Whales
by Leah Sellers
2012-04-27 08:44:16
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Come play with me
Upon the Primordial Seas
Come Dance the Waves
And Sing the Songs
That only the Great Whales Remember

And Recall into Memory
Come play with me
Glide and Sway to the Watery Rhythms
Of Mother Earth
While Dolphins laugh at the silvery Moon
And Whales Sing their
Sonorous, Haunting Tunes
Of Earth’s ever Evolving Shiftings and Histories
We’ll Breathe deeply
Into the Belly of Life
And revel in the Mysteries
Of what Is
And what will Be
Come play with me
Come Dance and Sing with me……
In some ancient Native American traditions the Dolphin symbolized Manna - the Life Force inherent in every Atom of the Universe - the Cosmos.
The playful and intelligent Dolphin was Seen as the Keeper of the Sacred Breath and Rhythms of Life.
In other ancient Native American traditions the Whale symbolized the Sacred Record Keeper.
The vibratory Songs of the Whale were thought to stimulate and release the vast Histories and Ancient Knowledge of Mother Earth.  The Whales were the Awakeners of the deep Memories of Our Origins and Universal Connections.
Since the BP Oil Spill of 2010 hundreds of dead Dolphins and Whales have been washing up on the Gulf Coast’s shores, and hundreds of human beings have been suffering various illnesses giving them a large array of debilitating symptoms: skin rashes, memory loss (because oil and other toxins are drawn to the fatty cellular contents of the brain), dementia, bleeding ears, bleeding noses, bleeding rectums, chronic disorders, neurological disorders, cancers and birth defects.
Speaking of birth defects, the bodies of very young Dolphins have also begun to wash up dead at alarming rates.
The exact causes of the Dolphins and Whales deaths, and the Coastal Residents’ illnesses are not known, but in 2010 BP dumped nearly two million gallons of Dispersant Chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico’s Waters in response to the Oil disaster.
Shortly afterward, the dead bodies of the Dolphins and Whales began to drift onto the Gulf’s Beaches, and the mysterious human maladies ensued.
The oil dispersant manufacturers want no regulatory guidelines or safety concerns to impede their poisoning of the Gulf’s Waters with their chemical toxins because they feel that their actions are ‘just good business’ - good for continued Profit Making in the Oil Industry, and in the industries which serve the Oil Industry.
To make matters worse, the Dispersant Companies are refusing to release the ingredients of their already dispersed toxic chemicals.  They claim that they don’t have to inform the public of the contents of their toxic dispersant cocktail because of ‘claims of proprietary rights to their formula‘ (and all that jazz - hot-cha-cha-cha).
The Public can only know the brand name of the chemicals, but not what’s in them.
What’s more important, Corporate Secrets or the Health of the Public and Our Environment ?!
If the Karmic Wheel of Life is still turning and churning somewhere out in the Cosmos, then perhaps the Corporatists, Lobbyists, and Sell-Out Politicians and Judicature should all come back as poisoned, beached, dying and dead Dolphins and Whales ?
Or perhaps, as a parasitic Worm squirming around in one of thirty bags of Astronaut Poop (Human Waste) left behind on the Moon ?
Now that’s a Karmic Life’s Lesson Song and Dance We can All Learn from.


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