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Love potion and... Love potion and...
by David Sparenberg
2012-04-29 10:46:56
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here the formula for the pathos of passion and a democratization of planetary deliverance from the invasion evils of human ignorance, hatred, violence, nihilism, narcissism, madness, normalcy, consumption addition, extravagance and greed: From

the spontaneities within us*, acts of beauty** rising—birthing, seeding—through re-Earthing instincts and depth of intuition and
the elixir-alchemic of earth-walking wisdom feels, sees, bathes and abides within the poetic of the sacred instinct and instinct of survival conjoined
Being At-One, Letting Go and Living in the Carnival Integral of Ecstasy, Responsibility and Peace
Who though throughout the floating world or in upturned phobic and broken lands among the drunks, the dupes, the spiritual dwarves, ninnies, druggies and the sleepers who serve enterprise as walk-on extras, who, from out these hordes, these gangs and masses, can master so wondrous yet rigorous a task?

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