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by David Sparenberg
2012-04-19 07:40:29
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Rapidly we approach the event horizon, the outer limit, the edge, the brink, the frontier, the point of no return.  Before us all emerge two directions: oblivion or renewal.
The world clock grinds like a fatal mechanism; time runs down against the will of empire, and the heavy steel technology that binds the titan of existence tightly to the punitive fate of intergenerational slavery appears before our frightened senses—brakeless.
In one direction we will shortly bid good-by to everything, our stuff, ourselves included.  In the opposite direction we can stand before the threshold of this Earth’s first ecozoic era and venture, with humble yet ennobling courage, into the unfolding collective beauty called The Great Crossing—our species metamorphic inner evolutionary migration, of integrated body, heart-mind and visionary soul.
There are no disengaged, neutrally secure witnesses here, no bystanders; no safe havens of nonparticipation.  There are only earth-walkers: gypsy lights, spiritual nudes, intermixed with ensanguined gangsters and sacrificial “mushrooms.”  Everyone living is being named; for such is the Earth’s decree; and we must step forward, or not.  Action or non-action, each is a response, each confirms a decision, and each points us in a direction.
Some of our kind in this climate of change hear the paradoxical synthesis of innate genius and meditate on the Tao.  Some in this climate of change hear the howling tribulations of apocalypse and, like until a mirror of ourselves, tremble in confusion on the threshold of global chaos.
Let each of us thus quickly consider these urgencies and the actuals of an all-alive and widely sentient creation.  Which of the ways leads to God—to possibilities of God the Impossible—to evolution, to enlightenment, to freedom?  In which of the two directions does this true living Earth thrive?  In which is the future of a sane and dignified humanity?
Help me to answer, as I will pledge myself in solidarity for the Earth and her children to help you.  What is it; which shall it be?  Are we alien scatterings in invasive opposition, or are we family in incandescent search for return to balance, and a grace of harmony that only the dialogue of belonging can repair and sustain?
I know what my choices are.  But my choices are but dust over the threshold unless they are shared, and in mutuality shaped and lifted into motion.

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Leah Sellers 2012-04-19 16:30:49
Dear Mr. Sparenberg,
Your Choices and your Cosmic Dust prophetic and philosophical revelations, hopes and dreams are Shared, Brother Sparenberg. They are Shared.

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