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How bizarre
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-04-04 07:39:53
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'Snake' found in Kingswells loft turned out to be draught excluder

bizzzz01_400A woman called in the Scottish SPCA after finding what she thought was a 5ft snake in her loft - but it turned out to be a lookalike draught excluder. Animal rescue officer Karen Hogg arrived at the rented home in Kingswells, near Aberdeen, to find the lady "very distressed". It turned out to be a large green and black snake-shaped draught excluder with a red felt tongue.

Officer Hogg said: "The poor lady was still very shaken." She added: "We've rescued hundreds of snakes from properties in all sorts of unusual circumstances, so we had no reason to believe this might not be the real thing.”I'd brought gloves and a pillow case to enable us to handle and contain the snake safely, but as soon as we spotted it we realised the equipment wouldn't be necessary.

"This call-out really made us smile and given that we deal with cruelty and neglect day in day out, it was refreshing to go to a job where the 'animal' was completely unharmed." The draught excluder - named Sid - is now at the Scottish SPCA's Aberdeen Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.


$35 for carry-on luggage

Allegiant Air announced on Monday that it would start charging passengers $35 for carry-on luggage by Wednesday.

bizzzz02According to AirlineReporter.com, the bag fee will go live on the airline's website at midnight Tuesday. Spokesman Jessica Wheeler confirmed to the website that passengers will be allowed one free personal item, such as a purse or briefcase, but anything larger will incur a fee. Passengers can pay the $35 fee at the airport, or "check in" their carry-on prior to heading to the airport in order to save an undisclosed (or perhaps as-yet-to-be-determined) amount.

Allegiant won't be the first airline to charge passengers for their carry-on bags. In 2010, Matt Lauer told Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza that the airline's policy to charge for carry-ons will go over "like a fart in a church." In August 2010, the budget airline installed its $45 carry-on fee.


Woman stabs ex-flame at cookout

A man suffered three sets of puncture wounds Sunday night when a former girlfriend allegedly stabbed him with a barbecue fork after police said he brought another woman to her cookout. The victim, Clarence Brumfield, 54, of the 1000 block of Alby Street in Alton, was treated at Saint Anthony's Hospital's emergency room, given antibiotics and released, said detective Sgt. Jerry Cooley of the Alton Police Department.

"He brought his current girlfriend to the barbecue, went home and came back alone" to the cookout at the suspect's home in the 1300 block of Central Avenue, Cooley said. At some point, the stabbing occurred, with someone calling 911 at 7:36 p.m. Sunday. The police report was incomplete Monday morning, as detectives had not interviewed the suspect. It is unclear how long Brumfield was at the house before the stabbing.

Paramedics from the Alton Fire Department and LifeStar Ambulance Service responded to the call; the ambulance paramedics took Brumfield to Saint Anthony's. "He suffered injuries to his upper right chest, his right biceps and right shoulder blade area," Cooley said. Each injury consisted of a set of puncture wounds from the long, two-tined fork. Police had not charged the suspect with an offense as of Monday.


Crash victim serious, but stable

A car crash victim pronounced dead by paramedics but later found to be alive has been taken off the critical list. The 30-year-old Hawthorn man was critically injured after his Porsche and a four-wheel drive collided near Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne, about 2am (AEST) on Sunday. He was moments away from being taken to the morgue when rescue volunteers disregarded paramedics' advice, discovering he was still alive.

The man has been fighting for his life in the Royal Melbourne Hospital but his condition has improved slightly to serious but stable. The man had been pronounced dead for more than an hour and covered in a plastic tarp when State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers found a pulse. They had earlier seen the man's body shudder and twitch as he hung upside down from his mangled car, but were reassured by paramedics that movement from a corpse was not unusual. An investigation has been launched.

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