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The Law of Stand Your Ground
by Leah Sellers
2012-04-02 07:52:17
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There’s a Law in the Great State of Texas
Named - Stand Your Ground
It gives the Citizens of Texas
The Right to shoot anyone down
Who Feels like a threat
By heck and You bet !

It’s the Game of a  Lifetime - Load your guns !
Let your cartridges spin !
Pull back the hammer
Squeeze the trigger - You win !
In the Great State of Texas
There’s no need to Fear
Why, shootin’ Human Bein’s
Is much more excitin’ than huntin’ deer
Someone walks onto your Property
To give you a hassle
Stand Your Ground - Shoot ‘em down
“Cause a Man’s Home is his Castle
Who needs the police ?
When trouble begins to bubble
With the Castle and Stand Your Ground Laws
The unRuly Rule of the Land
There’s a whole new meaning
To the dangerous Rumba of the Last Man Stand
Yeeeee-Haaaaa !  Viva Vigilantes !
So do your best
To bring back the good ‘ole days of the Wild and Wooly West
Conceal your guns proudly
Buy as many as you can afford and covertly hide
Get your enemies (real and imagined) in your sights
And Stand Your Ground
With foolhardy rootin’-tootin’, quick trigger shootin’ pride !


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