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Seven Meanings of Life
by Kufre Udeme
2012-05-19 08:36:24
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Life is a crystal glass
If life was not a crystal glass
Reflecting different shapes
Men would need no principle to live.

Life is a race
If life was not a race
Awarding losers a crown of shame
Men would prefer to crawl like snail.

Life is a court
If life was not a court
Spoiling every spoilers
Men would freely slap their fellows.

Life is a mirror
If life was not a mirror
Spotting the slightest error
Men would dance without care.

Life is tough
If life was not tough
Dropping trouble into every heart
Men would not question their existence.

Life is an echoe
If life was not an echoe
Giving back what is given
Men would give less and expect more.

Life is a stage
If life was not a stage
Hosting presence for a while
Men would think they can act forever.

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