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Life Is Tough
by Kufre Udeme
2012-05-13 12:48:42
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For sure and certain
Life is tough
     I never knew until now
     I never believed until this moment
     I never would have count it fair
If I were to be so blamed
For allowing myself to be so deceived
With such a thought so senseless
     But no, I deserved no blame
     For then I was still a child
With no thought about my thought
With no head to think twice
With no experience to learn from
     For I was under my mother's arm
     Like a bird in a cold weather
Being served with my childlike desires
Being unaware of the things ahead
Being blinded to the realities of existence
     All those years had gone
     Gradually vanishing like smoke
     Nothing but memories of childhood
Now that I am a man
Now that I am independent
Now that meal comes after work
     I can truly define life
     For none understand the language of famine
     Than he who cracked palm kernel in the morning
     Even as my hand moves upon this sheet
     I am clearly perceiving life
     Perceiving it to be more deeper
     Than the very air I breathe
     I call life a room
Sometimes cold
Sometimes hot
Sometimes both
     Yet hundreds are coping
     Yet thousands are surviving
     Yet millions are living
The rich and the poor
None wished to die
     No wonder father hasn't succumbed
     No wonder mother hasn't succumbed
     No wonder I refuse to succumb
Yes, I must face it
I must face life
For this life is a race
Everybody has their track to focus
No matter how crooked mine is
     I must face it
     I must face life
     I must live it
Until when I shall cross the mark
Then shall I kiss the dusty earth
And wave goodbye
But until then
I will run with the mentality, that
     For sure and certain
     Life is tough.

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