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The Ceremony Is Now Over
by Kufre Udeme
2012-05-03 08:50:25
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(For Gabriel Okara)

The ceremony is now over
but the record is in the head.
Mouths boast and spread its fame
shaking the string of the hosts' thread
and distant ears marvelled.

The ceremony is now over
the union has been locked
their legs are wholly stocked with feet for the race.
They shall no longer be mocked
for being a half dry bone.
A flower has been plucked
to a distant place
the merriment is now ended
the butterfly and the flower are in the tower.

But they sleep and wake alone,
the drummers and the dancers are not with them
when the music ended their business was done.
The wine and the kola and the tune,
the people with their wishes and their gifts
were meant to stir them for the race.
And the ceremony is now over.

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