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Ibibio Baby
by Kufre Udeme
2012-04-06 09:35:23
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     Ibibio baby
He regrets coming double
He prefers coming single like a cow
     Born in the night
     Named Okon
He is circumcised after eight days
He buries his ghost hair by a raffia palm
     Does not eat vulture
     Raised with breasts and ato mboro
He is fond of Ntum Ntum
He hides in a charm from Eka Abasi
     Dark and Cold like the face of a stream
     With short double strippes on his temple
He grows in the midst of elders
He masters their tongues and ways
     Not afraid of death
     But afraid of sickness
He is brief and smart
He is like a squirrel on a tree
     The descendant of Ibom
     And a diligent worshipper of the highest.

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