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Is It a Hate Crime Or a Fear Crime?
by Leah Sellers
2012-03-26 07:39:29
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George Zimmerman has his Fears.  Trayvon Martin had his Fears.
Fears have Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch, Intuition and Conscious, UnConscious and SubConscious Thought.  Every nano-second of every day All Living Creatures great and small are constantly barraged by and Balancing their very kinesthetic, Intuitive and Thought-filled Fears.

Trayvon Martin’s and George Zimerman’s Fears collided one Fate-filled day under a Hoodie, behind the trigger of a Gun, and No One won.  Trayvon Martin lost his Precious Life.  And although George Zimmerman still Breathes Air upon this Great Good Earth, he has lost the Life he once knew forever.
There is no coming back from a fiery bullet launched by Fear, targeted by Fear, and obliterating that Fear only to release a multitude of other Collective Individual and Societal Fears to be seen, sniffed out, tasted, felt, heard, intuited, Thought over and prognosticated about within National and Global forums.
The Martin is a small, swift bird associated with heraldry, and a restless quest for knowledge, learning, hard work, perseverance, cooperation, peace seeking, team work, community action and a nomadic household.
Due to the untimely and unseemly death of this beautiful young black man, Trayvon Martin is bringing out all of these symbolic attributes and characteristics within America, and the rest of the Aware and Cognitive World.
The Awarenesses, the Calls for Justice, the Collective Public Demonstrations and Protests, the Conversations springing forth from this tragic glitch in Time for Trayvon Martin and his loved ones are all Actions bringing to Life the Symbolic presence of the Swift-winged Martin.
George Zimmerman wanted to be a policeman, and was refused - rejected, evoking Fear of being a failure - of not being good enough.  That Fear (and others) eventually translated into Zimmerman’s need to protect his neighborhood and his property.  George became a self-appointed Guardian of Authority and so called Self-Empowerment based upon his Fear of being less than - not good enough.  He would Stand His Ground for “me and mine”.
Trayvon Martin, an Innocent Teen walks to the store for skittles and a common beverage wearing his faddish Hoodie on an average day.  Trayvon is unfamiliar to George Zimmerman.  Trayvon is a young, black man.  Supposedly young, black men have been stealing things from the neighborhood making George Zimmerman even more hyperaware - more suspicious - more Fear laden.
Fear layered on top of the Fear of not being enough - being less than.  Fear of the UnKnown.  Fear of the Dark Boogey-Man.  Who knows what happened at the beginning of the week to add layers of Fear onto his already existing Basic Fears.
Trayvon Martin, Fearful of a strange man stalking him like Prey tries to run away.  A natural Fear Response when confronted by SomeOne who feels threateningly Predatory.  SomeOne who appears to be a danger to one’s Personal Safety.
Flight leads to a Fight as Trayvon Stands His Ground for his Right to freely walk the streets of America as an American boy visiting his dad to watch an American game of basketball.
Fear meets Fear with a loaded Gun, and the beautiful young black man Trayvon is dead.  His loved ones are shattered.  George Zimmerman becomes a Killer pleading self defense.  After all, he was defending his Fears, and the state of Florida created a new Law which gave him the Right to stoke, Feed and Act upon those Fears in a highly inappropriate way made appropriate by a highly inappropriate Law, and Fear laden and corrupted Justice system.
Hoodies can evoke Fear and Push-Back Authority.  Guns can evoke Fear and Push-Back Authority.  Difference can evoke Fear and Push-Back Authority.  Stand Your Ground Laws can evoke Fear and Push-Back Authority.  All of these Fears and Push-Backs can evoke natural responses of Hatred.  Hate Crimes based upon and within Fear.
None of these Social set-ups evoke True Social Justice or Healthy Situational Ethics.  All of these Social set-ups led to the unTimely, unJust and tragic Death of the beautiful, young black man, Trayvon Martin.  And the ruination of George Zimmerman’s sentient Life.
What a convoluted quandary !
All Conversations Questioning and Seeking Insightful Understanding of these UnConscious, SubConscious and Conscious Fears, Hatreds and inJustices within Our National and Global Social Contracts, Laws and Systems are Necessary and a Societal Imperative toward Our Individual and Collective Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Good Health and Healing, and Healthy Transformations.
If We the People allow it, Trayvon Martin can truly be, during this very poignantly scrutinized and magnified Moment in Time, another One of Humanity’s Guiding Swift-Winged Angels of Enlightenment and Enlightened Change.

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The Limey2012-03-28 09:46:34
And wheres the march for those two white British tourists who were shot in Florida by a 17-year old black kid?

After all, they weren't killed because of fear.

Leah Sellers2012-03-29 03:49:30
Hello Dear "The Limey",
I was unaware of this tragedy, (sir or ma'am). However, it is just as ruinous and as heinous as the killing of Trayvon Martin.
However, anyone who carries a gun (and is not hunting game for food - whoops - sorry, fear of starving) is fear based.
The young black man carrying the gun which killed the two white British toutists also carried destructive and negative intentions within his Mind and Heart, which he knew would place him and others in danger. Danger creates Fear. And so whether he intended to kill the two unsuspecting British tourists or not, he armed himself with a lethal weapon to empower himself - to protect himself from his basic Fears borne from his unfulfilled, but ruminated upon, destructive and negative Intentions.
Most thieves are always afraid of being caught.
Thieves or miscreants who are not clever enough to plan crimes which will not physically hurt others will readily choose the brutal and annihilating force of a gun.
People who steal are afraid of doing without or not having enough. People who kill others due to skin color (or any other kind of 'difference') are afraid of Difference. and that Fear converts to anger, rage and hatred of those percived to be Different. Difference makes a perfect/imperfect Scapegoat.
Most crimes are based within Fear. Fear of not being enough or Fear of not having enough. and the degrees of that Fear depends upon the individual, and that individuals life experiences, opportunities and encounters with the synchronicity with Luck or Good Fortune.
Only when we Face our Fears, Name them and Understand them can we truly Change ourselves and Change the World.

who could it be?2012-05-21 22:29:46
Tell me more about crime,fear and people who steal...
Does that mean that they don't love those they have stolen from?

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