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Lithuanian report Lithuanian report
by Euro Reporter
2012-03-26 07:39:17
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Lithuanian Chief of Defence meets representatives of ISAF Command

On March 21, in Kabul Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen Arvydas Pocius met with Commander of the Special operations Forces of the International Security Assistance Force’s (ISAF) operation in Afghanistan Brig Gen Mark Smethurst.  During the meeting military commanders discussed security situation in the country, the transfer of security onto local administration process ongoing in the country and the role and tasks of the special operations forces in the process.

Brig Gen M. Smethurst emphasized that he appreciated the input of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces in ensuring stability in the least safe regions of Afghanistan as well as the support in training local police officers. The Lithuanian Special Operations Forces Squadron has been deployed to the NATO operation since 2007.

Later Chief of Defence met with Deputy Commander of the NATO International Joint Command Maj Gen Javier Cabeza Taberne and discussed the transfer of security process which is in progress in the province. The process was introduced in Chaghcharan, capital of Ghor province, and the surrounding area early this year. In the meeting the commanders also discussed the future perspectives of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Ghor.  On Tuesday Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lt Gen A. Pocius also conducted a short meeting with Special Representative and Head of the Mission of the European Union in Afghanistan Vygaudas Usackas and Head of the Lithuanian Special Mission in Afghanistan Justinas Bakunas.


Interior Minister will resign to save ruling coalition

Lithuanian Interior Minister Raimundas Palaitis will resign “in the near future” to help maintain stability among the three-party coalition that rules the Baltic nation. Palaitis decided to step down after meeting President Dalia Grybauskaite and Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, he told a news conference today at the president’s office in the capital, Vilnius.

Kubilius asked Palaitis to resign after he fired officials from the financial-crime investigation service. He initially refused and was backed by Grybauskaite. Tensions between Kubilius’s Homeland Union and the Liberal Center Union intensified last week, culminating when the partners said yesterday that they couldn’t work together any longer.


Drunken politician shirks responsibility

The Lithuanian parliamentarian Vincas Babilius of the Liberal and Centre Union LiCS party caused a traffic accident while drunk, according to eyewitnesses. He then left the scene of the accident and went into hospital the next day. Yet again a politician goes unpunished, the Portal diena. lt writes in frustration:

“Theoretically he could have waited for the police, paid the fine and – if he had been driving under the influence of alcohol – resigned his post as member of parliament. In practice, however, things have once again taken the usual course. If the victim of the accident is to be believed, the politician appeared to be drunk and offered him a large amount of money, which he refused. Then the parliamentarian took down his licence number and took a taxi home. When the story came out the next day, Vincas Babilius was suddenly in hospital – for heart problems. So typical, so annoying.”

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