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Danish report Danish report
by Euro Reporter
2012-03-14 07:36:14
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Denmark seeks to forge accord on greener EU policy

Denmark led tough talks on Friday to try to persuade Poland not to block efforts to push European Union environmental policy beyond existing targets that only reach to 2020. Coal-reliant Poland, worried about possible economic damage from deeper carbon cuts beyond the EU's existing goal of a 20 percent emissions reduction by 2020, has said it cannot yet support increased green policy ambition. Denmark, current holder of the rotating EU presidency, which has set environmental progress at the heart of its leadership, said it was too soon to predict the outcome of Friday's talks, but it would be difficult to get a deal.

"As you all can hear and see in the press, it's going to be pretty tough negotiations, and I expect it to be a long day around the table," Denmark's Climate and Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard told reporters. "But I have also talked to almost all the countries in bilateral meetings in the last days, and I know that we are all eager to try to get a result, although it's going to be quite difficult." Presidency sources said Poland was isolated and weaker opposition from Romania and the Czech Republic could be deflected if the text was altered to underline that milestones are only indicative, not firm targets.

The Commission, with backing from the business community, has said there is an urgent need to clarify future policy direction to enable low carbon investment. So far it has a set of roadmaps, which lay out a possible route towards a long-term target of reducing the bloc's carbon emissions by 80 percent by the middle of the century, to try to stave off catastrophic global warming. Poland's Environment Minister Marcin Korolec this week wrote to his fellow EU environment ministers laying out his opposition to an increase in the EU's low carbon ambitions.


Denmark posts biggest trade surplus since March 2010

Danish trade surplus increased in January to reach the highest level since March 2010, Statistics Denmark said Monday. The seasonally adjusted trade balance showed a surplus of DKK 8.3 billion in January compared to DKK 5.7 billion in December. This was mainly due to a 2.2 percent growth in exports alongside a 3.2 percent decline in imports after adjusting to seasonal variations.

Separately, the statistical office reported that the current account surplus fell to DKK 5.9 billion in January from EUR 9 billion in January 2011 and DKK 7.7 billion in December 2011. The latest current account surplus was the lowest since February 2010, data showed.


Denmark February inflation steady at 2.8%

Denmark's inflation remained steady in February, data from Statistics Denmark showed Monday. Inflation was 2.8 percent in February, unchanged from the previous month. Month-on-month, prices advanced 1.3 percent in February.

Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages increased 5.7 percent annually in February, while clothing and footwear climbed 2.8 percent. There was a 2.9 percent annual increase in housing cost and transportation costs rose 2.8 percent in February. The harmonized index of consumer prices increased 2.7 percent year-on-year, after rising 2.8 percent in January. Month -on-month, the index rose 1 percent in February.

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