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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2012-03-11 09:41:36
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LSD 'helps alcoholics to give up drinking'

biz0001One dose of the hallucinogenic drug LSD could help alcoholics give up drinking, according to an analysis of studies performed in the 1960s. A study, presented in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, looked at data from six trials and more than 500 patients.

It said there was a "significant beneficial effect" on alcohol abuse, which lasted several months after the drug, was taken. An expert said this was "as good as anything we've got".

LSD is a class A drug in the UK and is one of the most powerful hallucinogens ever identified. It appears to work by blocking a chemical in the brain, serotonin, which controls functions including perception, behaviour, hunger and mood.


Blidworth man grew cannabis next door to police station

biz0002A Blidworth man who grew cannabis in his home - which was next to a police station - has been jailed. Darren Pilmore, 38, of Dale Lane, was found growing cannabis plants on two separate occasions last year. He was jailed for 15 months after pleading guilty to three counts of producing cannabis as well as one count of fraud, after claiming he was employed to secure a loan. He was also told he will have to pay back £22,842 of profits from the cannabis, under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Police arrested Pilmore last February after police found 18 cannabis plants growing in a wooden summer house in his garden. The outbuilding had been modified to include high intensity lighting, heating, venting and a watering system in order to grow the Class B drug. He was released on bail but arrested again two months later when officers carried out a second raid and found a further 61 cannabis plants in the summer house. Pilmore claimed he was growing the cannabis for his own personal use, but police drugs experts found the plants had been harvested a number of times and the quantity of cannabis produced, worth around £32,000, would have been too much for personal use alone.

Said PC Colin Oakley: “Despite having been arrested by police for growing cannabis, Pilmore showed an utter disregard for the law by continuing to cultivate illegal drugs at his home. “Drugs destroy lives and Pilmore’s conviction will have undoubtedly prevented a significant amount of Class B drugs from reaching the streets of Blidworth and beyond. “This should act as a stern warning to others that crime does not pay and that drug production and supply will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire. Not only will offenders face a prison sentence, but they face a significant financial penalty too.”


Flight attendant on PA says Chicago-bound flight will crash

biz0003A flight attendant on a Dallas-to-Chicago American Airlines flight went on the plane’s public address system, alluded to the Sept. 11 attacks and told passengers the plane was going to crash, passengers say. The incident happened while the plane was preparing to take off from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and fly to Chicago. Bethany Christakos of Dallas, seated toward the rear of the plane, said passengers started “freaking out” as one of the flight attendants gave a rambling, 15-minute speech on the plane’s public-address system. “She said, ‘I’m not responsible for this plane crashing,’” Christakos said.

Another passenger, Brad LeClear of Fox Lake, said he helped restrain the flight attendant, whom he said acted oddly and mentioned something about 9/11. “She is obviously sick and needs to take her medicine,” LeClear said. The pilot radioed air traffic controllers for permission to return to the gate and be met by airport police. Police were called to the Dallas airport after what authorities would only call “an altercation onboard the plane” bound for Chicago. It led to the flight returning to the terminal and two flight crew members being hospitalized. American Airlines Flight 2332 finally arrived in Chicago late Friday morning, according to American’s website.

“This morning Flight 2332 had left the gate at DFW bound for Chicago when an incident occurred involving some of the cabin crew,” a statement from American Airlines said. “The aircraft returned to the gate, where it was met by Department of Public Safety officers.”  FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro said there was “an altercation onboard the plane and that’s why it returned to the gate and police were called.”  Dallas Police told the FAA there was an altercation, but provided no additional details, he said. The American statement said, “Two flight attendants were taken to local hospitals for treatment. We continue to investigate the details and circumstances, and will have no further comment at this time.” The airline said “no passengers were in danger at any time.”


The tobacco-infused Cig'nature

biz0004_400Despite the somewhat predictable demise of The Marlboro Man, there are a number of ingenious ways to enjoy tobacco without breaking The Rules. Here's one of them: the Cig'nature cocktail devised by Barts, a bar billed as London's finest speakeasy. Its key ingredient is Perique Tobacco Liqueur, made from hand-picked Perique Louisiana; rare, fruity pipe tobacco grown by a handful of pipe-smoking aficionados. The distillation process is similar to that of gin (with tobacco substituted for juniper berries), and removes carcinogens whilst leaving a trace of nicotine. But back to the cocktail itself. The Cig'nature also comprises of Lindisfarne Mead (a fortified wine infused with honey and herbs), Perrier-Jouet champagne and lemon juice. Assuming you're not utterly terrified, it's available - along with two other Perique Tobacco cocktails - from the Barts Goes Up In Smoke menu. 

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