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Jane of Thought: Girl Power and Pink Imbecility
by Jane Eagle
2006-10-03 15:50:34
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In my former life as a snail (no, I didn’t have sex with myself, the hermaphrodite reproductive process it’s much more complicated than your stupid joke) I’ve watched women rebel.

In the 19th century - to make it more specific - they formed a concrete, organized movement called feminism, you all know that. They resisted the unfair way their men treated them and demanded reformations in the law. “The legal subordination of one sex to the other is wrong... and... one of the chief hindrances to human improvement.” And that has been demonstrated by our old good chap John Stuart Mill.

ovi_feminists_400Feminist girls, at that time, tried to look equal with men by mimicking their masculine habits. So off with the bras and the leg/armpit razors… Put on your baggy pants and big Groucho cigars! Oh, I forgot: Put on your big Groucho moustaches too. Yeah, my point is that they shouldn’t give up 100% their feminine side and just be ugly, but that’s not of my business. After all, I was a snail back then. It was their prerogative to use their victory against men’s oppression in any way they liked.

Yet I sure am gonna form an opinion on how some women handle these feminism movement conquests today. Not pretty well. I see girls giving up - the so wanted in the past - emancipation. I see them being glad to serve their boyfriends/husbands. I see them spare all of their time next to an oven, away from books and art; try to be sex symbols or sex objects by choosing the proper outfit.

There is this pretty widespread perception that a good looking girl is the one in make up and mini skirts. Female fashion tends to be so significant in women’s life and job or study career has so much less meaning. The only section that these ladies request their equality with men is sex. Ah, we can have sex like men, no strings attached (Haha, too many strings I’d say and God how can you be comfortable in that?)…

In every possible way they try to be sexy and beautiful and not Monroe beautiful or Binoche beautiful, but Britney Spears beautiful and Madonna - not Boticeli’s, but the one with the sharp metal boobs. They find it easier to stay at home or go shopping and care for their face, have their husbands provide for them instead of stay alone, be scientists, care for their brain, make the perfect living for them themselves. Setting yourself there where your sex was centuries ago ain’t the right and easy way to survive. The funny thing is that theseeee gals demand from men to treat them respectfully but the way they chose to live demands the exact opposite male attitude.

I know that I’m getting upset about a particular category of female people. While there are women out there who are successful scientists and wonderful personalities, etc., etc., etc., as King Mongkut would state. Yet here is what the thing is: At this time there is a group (quite wide, keeping getting wider) of girls whose lifestyle asks from men to be discriminators. Are you going to stick me on the wall and yell at me, “There are guys who also look and act as inferiors”? I’m defending myself now. I stick my tongue out to mark you and say: But as far as men are concerned, as stupid as they are or not, educated they don’t provoke girls to be sexist on them. They are just persons who can’t spell but they don’t enhance the statement, “Men are standing on a lower level than women are”.

Something really negative and a bit out of the tag line: Television, mass media generally, maintains with joy these revived stereotypes. In every day commercials, sitcoms, movies there’s multiple chances to watch a blonde woman be nothing more but the girlfriend, the victim, the princess waiting up in her castle. Even when a girl’s got the smarts, she can be that impressionable (little people have that con), so she’ll quit soiling her dress in the garden and sit instead calm on the couch, with some Barbie in her hands, asking her mom about French kissing. Do you think that the green cute aliens who determine politics and society standards have got something to do with that?

Now I do see boys confused on the existence of a certain female “the dick rules” group. How should they react? Once they try to see an equal person on a girl’s face she starts meowing and vice versa: Then they meet some gorgeous girl and ask her if she can wash their pants. The examples conclude that boys’ behavior is characterized by instability, which causes serious conflicts between the sexes.

So… Since I lately walk around as a woman who’s not fond of humidity I truly wanna say please don’t blame the guys for any inconvenience on the feminism matter, it’s all up to you girls. Guys once accepted women as equal and they are willing to do that again. It’s in your delicate little hand sweeties: Be female persons at last!

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Sand2006-09-30 11:26:15
I seem to remembe that illustration from a WWII poster urging women to get defense jobs. Unfortunately the misconstrued capton was "Give us the tools and we'll lick 'em."

Mr Grin2006-09-30 17:46:43
Thanks for that image, Sand...What an image! What an image!

Jane E.2006-09-30 19:42:15

Asa2006-09-30 20:30:12
Jane, is that a girly giggle, a lady's laugh or a cultured chortle?

I always thought that for every type of lady out there, there is her equivilent in a man...or woman ;)

Am I wrong?

Mr Lonely Heart2006-09-30 21:07:51
What is your type, Jane?

Are you single....

Jane E.2006-09-30 23:44:11
It's a bit of a girly giggle, a lady's laugh plus a tiny bit of a cultured chortle! Hahahahaha!!!

Mr Lonely Heart,
I guess I have to ask my boyfriend first and then get back to you... Ha.

trol2006-10-02 09:40:16
grrrrl power at it came to be known :)

Nessa G2008-08-19 11:31:13
I really like your article and I was wondering do you happend to know the name of the illustration above?

Nessa G2008-09-03 23:23:52
I really like your article and I was wondering do you happend to know the name of the illustration above?

cheery cheza2008-10-09 10:10:46
mmm interesting thoughts.. I've been learning quite a bit about feminism and although i agree with you on most points i don't believe someone cant be happy in what ever situation they chose.. like seriously its not like its actually FUN to go to work... so if you can sit around on your but all day coz your husband earns more then enough then why not? i can "grow my brain" in other ways.. and not all men are going to take advantage of that kind of situation. mmmm?

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