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Why Occupy ?
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-31 07:30:07
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Oh, how we moan, groan and quake in Trepidation over any and All forms of Self and Other Meditations regarding the Occupiers and their pervasive Occupations of many of Our Global towns, cities, states, regions and Nations.
Why ?  The Occupiers are much more than just the 99%.  The Occupiers are Our Universal Collective Social Conscience (when they are not Giving-in to the very negative and violent mis-Behaviors being Analyzed and Questioned, in the first place, by the Majority of the Collective Ideological Peaceful Warrior/Occupiers).
Occupiers, if you give into your more bestial Selves, you take on the Shadow - the darker attributes and aspects - of the very Societal problems (and sick Systemic structures, laws, rules, manipulations, and Manipulators) you are trying to get Everyone to Acknowledge, Walk away from, Re-Think and Change for the Betterment of All.
What do the Occupiers Want ?  What do the Occupiers Need ?
They Want and Need for Us to:
Look at Your Life, Our Lives
It and They Move so fast
Pick up Your (Our) Own Looking Glass
Discover Who You (We) Are
And Who You’ll (We’ll) Be
Look at YourSelf (OurSelves)
So You (We) can See
The Wonders of Life
What It Can Be
Oh yes, Dreams and Things that You (We) Believe in
Are what Give Your (Our) Lives Its (Their) Purpose and Meanings
The Occupiers are the Questioners and the Questioned.
Both Processes are healthy and necessary for a corrupted Social System - a corrupted Social Structure to be Wisely and Ethically Analyzed, Scrutinized, Re-Thought, Re-Tooled, Re-Structured, Re-Created, and Transformed for the Betterment of All.  For the Betterment of the 100%.
Yes, something happened within the internal and external Lives of the Occupiers to bring about the Understanding of the true untenable Realities of their private and public Lives.
Something happened that compelled them to Pick up the Universal Looking Glass and ask, “Who Am I ?”  “Who Are We the People”?  “Who and What do We the People Want to Be” ?  “Who and What do I Want to Be “?
Answering these Universal Questions involves Looking at Our Individual and Collective Social Ethics and Morays.  Our Personal and Collective Dreams, Schemes, and Life’s Themes.  It involves Occupying a Space and Time of Awakening - of Self and Other Awakenings.
The Occupiers are the Awakened, the Awakening, and the Awakeners.
We the People Need the Occupiers - the Pro (Positive)-Testers of Our Global Societies and Social, Political, Economic, Judicial, Corporate and Religious Systems.
The Global Puppet Masters, the Global King Cons, the Global Robber Barons (and Baronesses), the Global 1 % ers, the Global Elitists, the Banking Monopolies, the Corporate Monopolies, the Global Game Players  have a stranglehold on the World’s Systems and Societies.  As a result, everything is out of Balance.  Everything is becoming corrosive and corroding.  Everything is being slowly and painfully cannibalized.
Yes, All things experience entropy.  But All things can also experience the Energy of Resurrection and Revitalization, especially when a Focused and Knowledgeable Will is applied.  Especially when a Collective Will is Applied and Occupied.
The Occupiers have Courageously and Wisely resisted everyone’s efforts to make them represent just one Question - just one Sentiment or Concern.
The Occupiers are the multifaceted Voice and Voices - the kaleidoscopic Questions and Concerns - Visions and EnVisionings of the Many.
When the Leaders of All Nations, Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Governments and Global LawMakers are primarily manipulative sociopaths, Societal looters and cannibalizers who desire only to serve themselves at the sacrifice of others, the World as a Whole suffers and is diminished.
In fact, the favorite meal of the Bully-Boys (and Girls) of the World is mutton (People who Be-Come Mind-less and Compliant Sheeple - baaaaa !).
The Occupiers are the Universal Longing for Social, political, economic, corporate, judicial, and religious Systems which productively and positively support, nurture and sustain each and every Human Beings Liberty, Justice, Equality, Fairness, Opportunity, and Selfhood.
The Occupiers are Our Social Barometer of the general - of the overall Rights and Wrongs of All existing Societies.
Yes, Dreams and Things that We Believe in - that Occupy Us - are what Give Our Lives their Truest and Highest Purposes and Meanings.

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