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Luxembourg report Luxembourg report
by Euro Reporter
2012-01-26 07:18:35
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Fincl tax for euro-zone only is bad idea

Luxembourg Finance Minister Luc Frieden said Tuesday implementing a financial transaction tax only in the euro zone is a bad idea. "It's a bad idea because it would have the effect of pushing financial transactions to other European countries where such a tax doesn't exist," Frieden said as he left a meeting of EU finance ministers in Brussels.

French finance minister Francois Baroin presented his countries plans to implement such a tax to his European peers earlier in Brussels. France has pledged to forge ahead with implementing the tax, in the belief that others will follow. "I've no advice to give to the French Republic," Frieden said. Luxembourg uses the single currency.


Individual wealth Management Company to help bring British comedy to Luxembourg

Fund Advisers Europe Wealth Management, a private individual wealth management company with offices in Geneva and Luxembourg, is pleased to announce that it will be co-sponsoring the KonradKomedy Nights to be held in the Konrad Café, Luxembourg. The first of the KonradKomedy Nights to benefit from the deal will be on 17 February when the fabulous Tom Deacon will be on stage from 8.30 pm.

Speaking about the KonradKomedy Nights Paul Evans, Partner at Fund Advisers Europe Wealth Management, said “We are thrilled and delighted to be involved in bringing comedy talent to Luxembourg. It is a great way for aspiring talent to become known by a discerning audience.” The KonradKomedy Nights are a new addition to the cultural scene in Luxembourg and aim to bring new and up-coming British stand-up comedy talent to Luxembourg. The KonradKomedy Nights will take place over 2 nights each month with Tom Deacon appearing on stage on 17th and 18th February and Tony Law appearing on 16th and 17th March at the Konrad Café in Rue du Nord, Luxembourg, all shows starting at 8.30 pm, entrance is €10 per person.

Fund Advisers Europe was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with representative offices in Luxembourg and Geneva, Switzerland. Fund Advisers offer a broad range of Investment and Insurance Services to clients across Europe and Latin America. For more information visit.


Luxembourg's foreign minister has compared Hungary to a dictatorship

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselbor has given a stern interview to Der Spiegel, comparing controversial Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's reforms to dictatorship in Belarus and arguing that the country should have its EU voting rights withdrawn.

Key passage: Orbán has clearly breached Article 2 of the EU treaties that enshrine the democratic values of the constitutional state such as freedom and pluralism. The media have been under the control of the government for a year. Freedom of opinion has been abolished; the separation of powers is being ignored. Independent judges are being replaced by those loyal to the regime. In these points Hungary is no longer different from a dictatorship like that in Belarus.

Strong words considering Orbán appear to be backing down from his hard-line positions. We wonder what this negative attention is doing for Orbán's domestic popularity — this weekend saw an estimated 100,000 people take to the streets in support of him, a fair amount larger than a recent anti-Orbán protest.

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