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Mor-monism versus More-Womanism
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-25 07:42:48
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Republican nominee for America’s presidency, Mitt Romney, has been given a very hard time over his religion of Mor-monism by the Evangelical Conservatives. But what about men like Republican presidential nominee, Newt Gingrich, who prefer practicing More-Womanism ? Why is his Life’s chosen “practice” any less questionable ?
Early in America’s history Mormon’s were primarily shunned for their practice of polygamy (having more than one “wife” or “woman”). And why not ? Many Middle Eastern men of property in the Holy Bible had more than one wife (because women, for the most part, were seen as property). So, why shouldn’t good God-fearin‘, Bible totin’ men of the American born religion of Mormonism enjoy the same pursuits ?
The Mormons stemmed from a primarily agrarian/mercantile culture. They understood the mathematical logic of the more Seeds Planted the More Bountiful the Harvest, and the more Hands to help render what Needed to be Harvested.
As far as Mr. Romney’s cursory family history with Mormonism goes, it appears that Mitt Romney’s grandfather, and other relatives, literally high-tailed it to Mexico to live contentedly as land owners, farmers and ranchers, because their practice of polygamy was so violently opposed in America.
However, Mitt’s dad decided to return to America, and stick with one Wife in order to be better accepted, and become highly successful in this country.
Mitt decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps and he, too, married one Woman, and as far as everyone knows, has remained Tried and True to her and his Family.
Mitt Romney took his Vows and Duty to his Wife and Family to his Heart and Soul. He chose to Honor and be Faithful to his Wife and Children - to Honor and be Faithful to the Family Unit he helped to Create.
Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, married three women, promising to love, cherish, honor and remain true to them until “death do us part”, but only the third woman made the final cut (thus far ?).
His first wife was struck by cancer. He divorced her for a younger, healthier woman. His second wife was struck by multiple sclerosis. He divorced her for a younger, healthier woman, but only after admitting to his ailing second wife that he had been wrapped up in an affair with yet another youthful woman (who just happened to work with him professionally) for six years or more.
In fact, Mr. Gingrich’s ex-second wife has even revealed that he proposed that he and she have an Open Relationship, so that he could enjoy his practice of More-Womanism without the immediate public, economic and political discomfort of a divorce.
Unfortunately (or Fortunately), she said, “No”. And the Open Relationship - Open Marriage Newt had covertly already been carrying on with Callista (his third wife) for six years, supposedly without his second wife’s knowledge, came to an end.
And amazingly Mr. Gingrich was involved in all of these hurtful and destructive misbehaviors while giving speeches to Others about Family Values and their importance to the American culture. And while leading the charge of impeachment against President Clinton for lying about his extra marital affairs while in and out of the White House.
Hmmmm, what makes a Man (or Woman) of Conscience ?
As for his Children. He is their father, and so they must take whatever love, duty, faithfulness, honor and broken vows he has to offer.
All of this information poses a question. Which man would you say appears to have more Personal Integrity and Character ? The man who practices Mor-monism or the man who practices repetitive, lying, cheating, unFaithful, unRepentant, narcissistic More-Womanism ?
Of course, there is still the question of the Economic Integrity of Vuturistic Venture Capitalism that Mr. Romney seems to be so enamored and enriched by, but that’s another question of ‘practices’ for another time.
To More-Womanize or not to More-Womanize is the primary Question of this Life’s Morality Tale.  Or is this primarily a Tale about 'Do as I Say, but Not as I Do' Hypocrisy ?

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