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The Food Stamp President
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-22 09:57:04
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Please, sir, may I have more ?
What ?  More ?  You want more ?
Yes sir, more.
Food, glorious Food !  Oh, Who doesn’t want (or Need) Food ?

Food and Water.  Give or take a few days without it, and we’re dead meat.  Corpses for the Predatory Fowl of the Air, and scritching, scratching, creepy, crawly Bugs of the Earth.
So, Mr. President.  Being called the Food Stamp King is a Compliment.  A Tribute to your farsighted Social Wisdom and Compassion.  After all, a well fed constituency (and there are many Ways to Feed Americans Needs) is far more stable, industrious, compliant and malleable than one starving, and running for the capitol with pitch forks and firebrands.  Hot Dogs, anyone ?
Even Christ fed the multitudes who came to hear his Message and follow His Words of Life and Compassion toward the World as a Whole.  And Christ Fed so much more than just rumbling, empty bellies.
Universal, Loving Compassion and Doing unto Others as You would Have Them Do unto You Feeds the very Hearts, Minds and Souls of Humanity.
Many of the Poor and shrinking Middle Class receiving Food Stamps are the Working Poor and shrinking Middle Class (who have Children to feed) and the Elderly.  They’re not lazy ingrates.  They are hard working people who weren’t blessed with the Good Looks, I.Q., Good Health, Opportunities, Good Fortune or so called Ambitions others have been Blessed with.  That’s all.  No more.  No less.
Are there some folks on this beautiful Planet of Ours who are lazy ?  Who do take advantage of Social Systems created to help the less advantaged. ?
Yes, of course, there are.  However, they are not in the Majority.  They are in the minority.  And they, too, need Our Collective Help and Opportunities to be better Educated and better Motivated to Help ThemSelves, and in so doing Help and Create further Opportunities and Help for the Collective.  Ah, another Positive Cycle of Life is Born !  Eureka !
So, please, Mr. Newt Grin-Grinch keep your Compliments spewing forth from your poochy, pouty, frothy lips, sir.  You are correct in your astute evaluation.  And more and more Voting Constituents may yet be ReMInded and Inspired by your misGuided, misanthropic Attentions toward the Food Stamp President, sir.
Yes, their short term Memories need to be stirred with, and jogged by, Sound Bites and Digital Blitzes ReMinding Them of just Who Is Interested in keeping Every American’s Needs Met and Served, and who is not.
Mr. Obama is the Food Stamp President.  And Proudly so.  His Administration appears to better comprehend the importance of meeting the Needs of the Collective, not just the 1% (who will always Take what they Want, much less what they Need).  Just ask Mr. Romney the next time he makes a 10,000 dollar bet.
All Hail the Food Stamp President !  May his American Administration’s Food Stamps many a satiated belly Reverently Bring !

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