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Slice and Dice Economics
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-17 12:23:28
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Republican “novitiate”, Mitt Romney, knows all about Slice and Dice Economics.  It’s more formal moniker is Malevolent Venture Capitalism.
It’s goal is Wealth Creation for an Elitist Few, not Job Creation for the Many.  Snip and Snap.  Wheel and Deal.  Spin and dizzily Reel. Then Slice and Dice and go in for the kill.

Texas governor, Rick Perry (another Republican trying to plod toward the presidency) had it right when he called Romney’s job with Bain Capital Investments Vulturistic Capitalism.
Venture Vulture Capitalists Seek out “sick” (or not) companies.  They fly in and beatifically announce that “We, the Vulture Venture Capitalists are here to help you out - to help you get back on your feet.”  All the while, the Vultures preen their predatory feathers, salivate, sharpen their scaly beaks, and take stock of their next meal.  “Yummy, yummy, you’ll soon be in our rumbling, destructively greedy tummies”.
The stunned Management Heads (Promised a Slice of the Pie by the Vultures, if they happen to fail) say to their Employees, “At last, our Saviors from the sky on high have arrived !”  The soon to be sacrificed Company grovels and cow-tows to the Baiting Buzzards.  They place themselves (and their Futures) within the clutching, claws of the Vultures shifty and constantly shifting intentions.
That’s when the Slicin’ and Dicin’ begins.  “You’re fired !”  The Vulture Capitalists raucously rasp out to Human Being after subjugated Human Being.  And pink slips are sent flyin’.  Pink slips are passed out like toilet paper.
The Venture Vulture Capitalists ”gut” the Company.  They strip it down to the bare bones.  They slowly watch It kick and moan, and gradually go belly up in the setting sun.  And then the Venture Vulture Capitalists (and their investors) siphon off  and devour great sums of money as a so-called Reward for destroying the Entity of The Company, and putting 100’s, sometimes 1000’s of Human Beings out of Work.
Afterwards, the Venture Vulture Capitalists fly away with huge, arrogantly, satisfied grins on their bloody beaks, and rounded, temporarily satiated bellies.
Another Company bites the dust.  So that Venture Vulture Capitalist Corporate entities like Bain continue to cut one Company’s Main Vein after another in order to maintain the disdainful drain of pain making the Nations - the World annihilatingly insane.
Welcome to the Land of Venture Vulture Capitalism.  Where Economic Elitists borrow large of sums of money from Investors, so that they can spend that Money to make much more Money (Profit) by destroying other People’s Jobs, Pensions and Dreams.
This is Malevolent Capitalism at its Best (or is that Worst).  The zipping, zapping Numerology of Destructive Economics.
Benevolent Capitalism is based upon the basic premise that One Person (or more Persons) come together with an Idea/Skill/Service/Product.  They (and Others) Invest monies in that Idea/Skill/Service/Product in order to help Make it Grow and Expand.  They then place a Fair Market Value upon their Idea/Skill/Service/Product.  Finally, Other Persons, who are interested in the Idea/Skill/Service/Product Purchase it at a Fair Market Value Rate.
Everyone in this very simplistic Economic Equation is Benefited.  This is Creative, Benevolent Economics at its Best.
When the Global  Mega-Corporations, Mega-Banks and Leaders (who were “in the know”) gutted the Taxpayers of America and other Countries in order to pay off their “Bad Debts and Toxic Bubbles” due to their Mis-Taken and Destructive Economic Formulae, unconscionable hijinx, and faulty Thinking.  The Whole World was Venture Vulture Capitalized.
The Whole World’s National and Global Economies were gutted and left to their individual death throes or accidental and/or propitious difficult and slow struggles for grueling Survival.
Slice and Dice. Snip and Snap.  Wheel and Deal.  Spin and Reel.  What a convoluted mess !
Also, does it really matter whether People get their Jobs primarily from the Public or primarily from the Private Sectors ?
Perhaps the Private and Public Sectors should shake Hands, Create bridges toward Friendship and Cooperation, and See one another as Equally important, because in an Age when We the People are caterwauling about the pros and cons of birth control, We have Overpopulated the World, and are further stressing and gobbling up the Earth’s finite Resources, while scurrying around to supposedly “give Meaning” to Our very Lives through Jobs.  Hmmm………
Remember, “only the Strong survive”  But then, that begs the Question, what do We the People see as Strength?
Noble, Bright and Beautiful Minds, Bodies and Souls who aspire toward the Betterment and Just Prosperity, and Sustenance of All Peoples and Environments ?  Or greedy, scavenging, Elitist Vulturistic Predators who seek out the Many who are perceived weak and vulnerable, and Choose to dehumanize, abuse and eradicate them?
Shhh !  Don’t look now, but the Vultures are Circling !
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