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Servants of the People or Masters of the Sheeple ?
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-11 07:14:21
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There is a difference between the two Mindsets, you know.  A vast difference.  A difference Made of (and by) Choices.  Seemingly Singular Choices that turn out to be a Collection of Choices.  A Series of Choices.  Choices of Beginnings and Endings.  Choices Made along the way.
Choices are the Steps We Take and Make in Life.  Steps and Mis-Steps.  Back-Steps.  Side-Steps.  Steps never Taken.  Forward-Steps.  Tentative Steps.  Bold Steps…..
1-2-3, 1-2-3, Waltzing Steps.  Yes, Choices have a Musicality of Timing, Tone and Motion all their own.  They help Create Our Dance of Life, Individually and Collectively.
We wake up every day to a World filled with Choices.  Some of Our own Making and some the Making of Others.  Every day Choices are embraced and/or cast off and away.
Are Our local, state, national and global leaders Servants of the People or Masters of the Sheeple ?
What are Their Choices (and the Causes, Effects and Consequences which follow) Telling Us ?
Our American ForeFathers and ForeMothers (for the most part) understood the importance of - the impact of - the Value of Choices.
The thirteen Eastern American colonies had their hackles raised and chaffed under taxation with no representation.  The tax monies collected from the American colonists were primarily for Great Britain’s use and consumption.  Great Britain’s Monarchy, Nobility and Parliament had lifestyles to maintain, empires to build and exploit for the Motherland, ancient squabbles and endless wars to arm and fight, and British mouths to feed and answer to.
The predominately Protest-ant Americans overtime had developed their own Identity.  They were Americans, and proud of it.  They held allegiance to their Homelands of origin.  But America had become the True Home of most American colonists.  Over Time, allegiances can become tricky, even murky Territories of the Heart, Mind and Soul.
The Americans felt Used.  They felt UnFairly and UnJustly treated by an Entity They had once Trusted.  Great Britain had become Grasping, Greedy and UnTrustworthy.
The Economic Game of ‘I’ll scratch Your back, if You scratch Mine” was out of sync.  No one’s back was getting adequately scratched.  And so the predatory Masters (politically, militarily, economically and religiously) began to roar and gnash their sizable teeth, and the “under the thumb” Mice/Sheeple began to squeak, bleat, and scurry around nibbling away at whatever they could (politically, militarily, economically and religiously) to maintain their Dignity and Way of Life.
Mis-Use over time became oppressive Abuse.
Thusly, King George and his Parliament sent the British navy and military to enforce their Will.  They demanded that the Americans comply with Britain’s wishes and desires, concocted some economically stifling punishments for the quarrelsome and troublesome American colonists, and eventually ordered the Americans to take the British soldiers and sailors into Their very Homes to feed, bed and shelter.
This invasive and foolish tactic and/or strategy by the British Crown to save money and resources, and keep insurgency (complaining and acting on what was being complained about) under Britain’s Boot - under British control, had the opposite effect/affect.
Invading people’s privacy is never a good idea.  Besides “a Man’s Home is his Castle”.  Invaders cross the alligator infested moat at their own risk and possible peril.
The Americans complaining became broader and more heated, old and new resentments and Fears became magnified, and eventually led to acts of revolt and violence.
The Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, the American Constitution, and the American Bill of Rights were all Choices.  Singular, Collective and a Series of Choices.  Steps Taken toward an UnCertain Present and Future, and overshadowed by a tenable/UnTenable Past.
Our American ForeFathers and ForeMothers Sought to be Free from the chains, shackles and dungeons of a Ruling Mindset that declared itself to be Masters of the Sheeple.  Americans Sought to be Free Servants of the People.  Striving each day for Justice, Equality, Liberty, Happiness and the Open-ended Opportunites to pursue those Ideals to their fullest Benevolent extent.
Protest-ants believe that We are All endowed with Free Will.  The Quakers took that Belief a step further by declaring that We are all endowed with Divine Light which if nurtured will Guide Us unto Paths of Righteousness (and/or Lefteousness). That People do not need Popes or priests or kings or any other Self-Named Masters (or Mistresses) to constantly Tell Others what to Think or Do or Say.
Protest-ants don’t Believe in Micro-Management when it comes to their Internal Lives.  They will, however, Tolerate the Macro-Management of Just and Fair Laws Created for the Common Good, and within Consensus of the overall Public’s Points-of-View.
Protest-ants stressed Education (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) so that Free Will People could Come to God through the training and usages of their own Intelligences, Talents, Skills, and Soulfully honed Wisdom.
They truly Believed in the Concepts of the Benevolent Self (and Benevolent Other)-Made Man (and later on Woman).
Many American Protestants also pained their Consciences with the UnGodliness, InJustices, and UnFairness of the Slave Trade.  Even though many of them clung to their slaves due to Economic constraints.  (Just like Modern Societies, They, too, had their problems with Immigrants used as Slave Labor).
Protest-ants readily Protested against Self-Prescribed Worldly Masters, and instead relied upon their Minds, Common Sense, Good Will and Conscience to Guide them towards God’s Will for their Lives (Individually and Collectively).
Protest-ants felt duty bound to Serve God, Obey the Holy Word (the Bible) and Serve their Families and Communities to the Best of their Abilities (for the most part).
Servants of God and Humankind are not underlings who grovel at the feet of Elitist Others who think themselves better than or more worthy of decent, just or humane treatment than Others.
Yes, Capitalism breeds Economic InEquities, but anyone and everyone Saw that things could be Made better in every Way in a New World filled with seemingly boundless Opportunities, Possibilities and Land to be explored and homesteaded as far as the Eyes could See.  With Hard Work, Perseverance, Patience, Discipline and the Grace of God the Sky was the Limit.
New Lives could and would be Created in a New Resource, New World Environment for the Taking and Making (the brutalizing and demoralizing legacy of the New World Order’s treatment of Native American “Red Men” aside).
Christ washed the feet of his Disciples to role model Free Will Benevolent Service to Others.
Service to Others is to Act in ways that Benefit and Help Others.  Service to Others Lifts Up, Nurtures and Sustains the Individual and the Collective.  Service to Others tends to demand Sacrifice of the Self.
Leaders who narcissistically lie, cheat, con and steal - who seek only to better and please themselves at the sacrifice of Others - of the Community, the Nation, the World, lack the Integrity and Honor to truly lead.  They are not Trust-Worthy leaders.  They are Deniers who are in Denial to ThemSelves and Others.  They are Slaves to their Greed, Need and Hunger to be Masters of the People.  And so, People must Become mindless and completely compliant Sheeple.
As Masters, They demand “Do as I Say, not as I Do” !  “I Am better than and more deserving than you” !
As Masters, They are ultimately dangerous and harmful to Them-Selves and dangerous and harmful to Others.  They are a ravenous rot that destroys the Health of any (and every) Individual, Community and Nation.  They are a malignant and eroding cancer to the World as a Whole.
As Masters, they can never rule with Benevolent Wisdom, because they blindly see Benevolence and Wisdom as folly.  The only thing that counts (cha-ching) to them is anything which gives them Self-Importance, Self-Aggrandizement and Self-Power.
The Systemic problems troubling, rocking and rolling the World Today are Ancient Enemies of Humankind.  We are suffering from a genuine lack of Ethical, Moral and Civilized behaviors.
Our primal instincts are howling, snarling and gnashing into the Walls of Nirvana - of Shan-gri-la.  And the Walls are weakening, and might even come-a-tumbling-down.
However, there are other Choices to be Taken and Made.  Other Steps to Dance to which Can and Will Change the Course(s) of Humankind.
What will it Be ?
Will We Choose to Create Free Will Servant/Leaders of the Free People or oppressively tyrannical Masters of the EnSlaved Sheeple ?

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Leah Sellers2012-01-11 17:18:52
Dear Mr. and/or Ms. Timberland,
Ha ! Turn about is Fair Play, Sir and/or Madame. Even wgen it occurs a hundred or more years later.
I like your boots moniker. I spen a lot of time in the Timberlands. sometimes in boots. Sometimes in sturdy tennies.
Also, I like your tongue-in-cheek free enterprising spirit, Sir and/or Madame. It certainly beats vulturistic venture capitalism.
Capitalism should Benefit Everyone involved. The Boot Makers, the Boot SalesPersons, the BootWearers.
That's Benevolent Free Enterprise. That's Fair Trade.
Thanks for the Chuckle and the Valuable Information. And I wish You Luck and God's Speed.

Thanos2012-01-11 21:56:02
Sorry Leah, usually I see these short of comments early and delete them but this time I'm going to let it because I love your answer!!! lol

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