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Frickin', Frackin' Let's Get Crackin' !
by Leah Sellers
2012-01-01 09:19:49
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Yo, Yo !  Heave Ho !  It’s off to Frack We go !  We’ll blow a Hole to Make some dough !  Yo, Yo !  Heave Ho !
Yes, a handful of Global Mega-Corp Moguls will run away hand-in-hand with the Global Mega-Banks, and with America’s “fruitful plains” Future, while trickle down (drip-dry) economics takes care of the tiny and meager Needs of America’s Peasants, Serfs, Slaves and other Sheeple.  And they’ll call Crackin’ and Frackin’ America in half while destroying the fragile Balance/ImBalance of Our Tectonic Plates (cups and saucers), and poisoning Our underwater resources and reserves a “good and profitable thing for America” - a “good deal for short-term, but much needed jobs“, and short-term gains.

However, They’re all forgetting to Mention the long-term toxic and IrReplaceable losses.
What happened to America’s Farsighted Vision and EnVisioning ?
What in the Frick is Fracking ?  A good question.
It’s a process in which a Well is drilled vertically to a desired (but undesirable) depth, and then takes a tricky 90 degree turn in order to continue horizontally for several thousand feet.  The drill creating the venomous serpentine Well then sniffs out (while tearing up the Earth’s Crust for) Shale, which is rock believed to contain trapped Natural Gas.
How do the Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks get the Natural Gas out of the Shale ?
Their hardWorking Sheeple create a Toxic Mix of various Chemicals, Sand and Water, and then pump the Frickin’, Frackin’ Mixture into the Well at a very high pressure in order to create UnNatural Fissures in the Shale through which the Natural Gas escapes (hisssss !).
Then the UnNaturally and destructively obtained Natural Gas is drawn back up the Well to the Earth’s surface where it’s processed, refined and finally gets shipped out to Market.
The WasteWater (that’s right, there’s something that flows back and produced that’s called WasteWater) returns to the Earth’s Surface after the Frickin’ Frackin’ Process is completed.  That is, unless some of the Toxic WasteWater gets trapped in the Rock surrounding the holey (not holy) Well Pipe and accidentally contaminates and poisons any existing underground Water resources and reserves (Ooops !).
In some locations the WasteWater is contained in steel tanks until the Toxic Mixture can be stored long-term (we Hope) by deep injection into existing Oil and Gas Waste Wells.
Isn’t that comforting and reassuring ?
During this Frickin’ Frackin’ Process drinking Water is poisoned, Air is polluted, Animals mysteriously die, and occasional industrial disasters and explosions sometimes occur.  But We’re told that these mishaps are nothing to worry about (and perhaps imaginary), and should not hold Us back from creating Frickin’ Frackin’ Wells everywhere around the Globe.  After all, We, the Sheeple, don’t want to stand (or bleat) in the way of Progress.  Cha-Ching !
Frickin’ Frackin’ Wells go thousands of feet deeper into the Earth than traditional Gas Wells.  Now, that’s impressive (as well as digestive - of the Earth’s precious Crust and Natural Resources, that is).
Also, the Process of creating Frickin’ Frackin’ Wells requires between two and five million gallons of local FreshWater per Well.  But, never Fear, because that’s only 100 times more FreshWater than Our old traditional extraction methods required.
What’s wrong with Giving more in order to receive much less ?
How can We, the Sheeple, complain about the waste of our FreshWater being converted into Frickin’ Frackin’ WasteWater when We get paid to help Make it ?
Why should We, the Sheeple, complain or be concerned about the fact that the Toxic Frickin’ Frackin’ WasteWater Mix is filled with formaldehyde, acetic acids, citric acids, boric acids and 100’s of other contaminants, when there is so much money for the Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks to Make and Take from Us (for the Use of Their Frickin’ Frackin’ UnNaturally and Destructively begotten Natural Gases) ?
After all, Globally,  All of Us are addicted to Oil and Natural Gas.
All of Us have Chosen not to Change over to, and Create, other types of  Alternative Energies which We could All Use to more positively and productively Move and Shape the World We All Live in differently.
We have All Chosen to follow the Global Puppet Masters and their Greed and Need for more and more Power and Mooh-la.
The Puppet Masters (and Mistresses) cry and tantrum.  They play manipulative Local, National and Global Psychological, Sociological, Political, Judicial, Religious and Economic Games in order to get Their Way.  And We, the Sheeple, give into Their Wills and Machinations on a fairly consistent basis.
Wake Up  !
Frickin’, Crackin’ let’s Stop Frackin’ !

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Get it off your chest
 (comments policy)

Emanuel Paparella2012-01-01 11:26:40
I am in the process of preparing a syllabus for a course on environmental ethics which I’ll start teaching in a few days. If it’s ok with you, Leah, I am seriously thinking of starting the course with a reading and follow-up discussion of your indignant article which supplies relevant information and concrete examples, rather than beginning with a dry list of abstract ethical theories, as enumerated in the text, which more often than not manage to turn the student off.

I could not agree more that trickle-down economics is by now drip-dry economics; in fact the reverse is a more apt description: rush up economics going on for the last thirty years or so in the US and indeed globally: the poor get poorer and the rich get richer and the gap gets wider by the month and when this simple statistical social fact is mentioned and distributive justice is invoked one hears push-backs such as “socialism” and “class warfare” or, more unconscionably, suggestions such as “if you don’t have a job blame yourself.”

It’s all astonishing and bizarre. What we have presently going on is savage capitalism for the poor and bail-out socialism for the rich; Robin Hood in reverse; an American nightmare from which, as you suggest Leah, we need to collectively wake up; the sooner the better. I suppose the occupy movement is a first laudable step but much more needs to be done to raise consciousness of a need for new social paradigms. We are now at the crossroads as a species and need to decide our destiny here on earth.

Leah Sellers2012-01-01 19:18:15
Dear Brother Emanuel,
Yes sir, I humbly place my Righteous Indignation into the Noble Hands of a KIndred Spirit.
I appreciate and support the work of World and Self Consciousness you Seek to offer to your Students.
To some Native American tribes, the Wolf, the Teacher, was the Tribe's Pathfinder and Communicator. The Teacher is the Guiding Light toward Interpersonal and societal Awakening, Enlightenment and Survival Skills.
Seeking Harmonic Convergence with Our beautiful blue-green cosmological gem stone of a Planet, Earth, is definitely worth a little Righteous Indignation and the Light-Bringer within you, Sir.

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