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Fire Nation
by Leah Sellers
2011-12-16 08:23:22
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President Obama gave an outstanding and Inspirational Speech last week in the American Heartland town of Osawatomie, Kansas.
Dorothy clicked the heels of her ruby slippers, and Toto followed her home, while the Verbal Wizard/President Obama smacked a home run into the Eye of the Tornado (the Fear based and Cautious American Public - "lions and tigers and bears, oh my !")

Wonderful words, Beautiful words, Wonderful Words of Hope, Faith and Renewed Life.
Yes, Sir. President Obama. You’re back !  And on the Right (or is that left or center) track !
The Professorial Warrior. The Poetry Man.
Osawatomie is a name derived from two nearby streams, which happen to be named after two Native American tribes: the Osage and the Pottawatomie. Osa-watomie.
Pottawatomie, translated into English, means “People of the Place of the Fire” or “Fire Nation”.
President Obama (consciously or unconsciously) chose the geographical location of the Fire Nation to give his Fire Breathing speech of National Vision.
This American President, born upon the volcanic island of Hawaii, threw out Thunder-Words and Lava Rocks like Populist, Progressive, Hard Work, Responsibility, Accountability, Square Deal, Fair Playing Field for Everyone, Fair Shake, Fair Share, Fair Shot…etc.
President Obama also made it clear that We the People are a Nation who looks out for the least, and given Time, Patience and Perseverence eventually Chooses to remove social barriers so that All People can be treated Justly, Fairly and Equally. A Nation - an Illuminating Fire Nation - in which All People’s Needs and Lives are Sacred, and regulatory protections are created to safeguard the poor and the vulnerable as well as the rich and the greedy. A Nation which seeks to unite and amalgamate Individual Self-Reliance, Social Responsibility and Accountability.
The Osawatomie Speech - the Fire Nation Speech - led to President Obama’s kept Promise today when he announced the official end of the War with Iraq. This was his Moment of rugged and Courageous Individual Self-Reliance fully Realized and blended with ultimate Social Responsibility and Accountability. Social Justice in which All People’s Needs and Lives (whether they acknowledge it or not) are held Sacred.
This War lasted over eight and half years. Eight and half years of killed, maimed and irrevocably changed American and Iraqi Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters…etc. Humanity is held Sacred. The War is over. At last !
Now, for Afghanistan !
A Democratic Republic is a rare gemstone. A multifaceted, sparkling gemstone. Everyone is attracted to and excited by things that sparkle and shine, shimmer and gleam. The Ideals of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights are filled with sparkle and shine, shimmer and gleam. That’s one of the many reasons Immigrants from all over the World are drawn to the golden shores of America. She is truly a Rare and Wondrous Gemstone.
President Obama is asking All of Us to Remember that Siren’s Song of the American Dream.
The Oceanic Sirens are alluring, but also possibly deadly creatures. Their Seductive Song, when followed to the exclusion of all else, can crash and crush you into the jagged Rocks of Self and Other Destruction.
The trick is to enjoy, and be Moved by the Dream inducing Sirens Song. Enjoy, and be Moved by the beauty of the Dream Song, but never lose sight of Your True Destiny. Each American Citizen’s True Destiny should be firmly rooted within, molded and shaped by rugged and Courageous Individual Self- Reliance and Determination interwoven within Social Justice, Equality, Responsibility and Accountability.
Fire and Water are two very powerful Elements. Both can be profoundly Creative and Destructive.
President Obama’s present National Vision - present and future Ideal Fire Nation - can (if embraced and acted upon - if Occupied) move boldly and energetically through the ever changing and Transformational Waters of Life.
Just remember, President Obama is not the only Energy boldly and bravely Moving Our Fire Nation through the unpredictable and fluctuating Transformational Waters of Life. We the People all share a part in America’s National Vision and Hot Water Ride.
All Aboard !?
Oh yes, President Obama, sir.  Just one more Thought.  Please, remember that Actions Speak louder than Words.  So, Show Us, as We the People Show Ourselves, again, and again, and again....

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Emanuel Paparella2011-12-16 12:46:09
Indeed, Leah, Obama is the only legitimate president we have right now elected by the people, but one will never know it from the comments of those right wing “patriots” who begrudge his presidency to the point of hatred and slander, to the point of absurdity in criticizing him for putting his feet on the desk in the oval office and "ruining the people’s furniture” (something done by Nixon and Bush too) or hurl epithets such as “food-stamp president” as the “super-patriot” Newt Gingrich goes around mouthing nowadays. That is really an uninspiring scenario, like cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face. Your inspiring words on an inspiring speech are like a breath of fresh air in these times of selfishness and mean-spiritedness parading as “super-patriotism.”

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